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2023 GRADS: Aoki Lee Simmons Graduates From Harvard With A Double Major, Heaven Hart’s Comedic Salutatorian Speech, Bronny James’ Parents Get Emotional

Let’s raise a glass to the 2023 college and high school grads! Go inside to celebrate several YBF young adults receiving their diploma…

Kimora Lee Simmons’ daughter Aoki Lee Simmons is out here making HERstory! And we’re totally here for it.

In a remarkable achievement, Aoki Lee Simmons, daughter of fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons and music executive Russell Simmons, has graduated from Harvard University at the tender age of 20. Aoki, who was accepted into the prestigious Ivy League institution at the age of 16, has now become one of the youngest individuals in recent history to earn a degree from Harvard.

Not only that, she earned TWO degrees as a double major: Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science Bachelor of Arts in Classics. Amidst her rigorous academic pursuits, she managed to balance her studies with a flourishing modeling career, proving her exceptional determination and multitasking abilities.

“My baby girl is a HARVARD GRADUATE!!! AND with a double major!,” proud mom Kimora captioned. “AND one of the youngest in recent history to do so at only 20 years young! This is CRAZYY! IM SO SO SOO PROUD! AND all the while carrying a full time job modeling! But YOU DID IT!-WE DID IT! Mama loves you soooo much my brainy beauty! These are hard fought tears anyone who knows us will know! #harvard2023”

Russell Simmons also took to Instagram to celebrate his baby girl, writing: 

“Most people say u have time to play when you graduate early…in your case harvard @ 20 wow,” he wrote. “Congratulations my darling My prayer aokileesimmons has a lifetime to play she has already “accomplished” enough so darling let go of the fierce need to compete focus all your energy on self discovery consciousness and happiness The dharma or purpose that u choose in life will naturally multiply and the world will benefit .::/your “worldly” assets and successes (which will continue to multiply) will be your gifts back to the needy world.// you are destined for a happy life defined by your enlightened perspective of non attachment and self awareness ./This is my prayer ./for you to fully realize the self or Gods consciousness in this lifetime”

“I’ll be in New York modeling, writing and working at my mom’s company. There are so many projects that I can’t wait to dive into,” Aoki told PEOPLE. “But it will be nice to take a breath!”

With a double major under her belt, Aoki’s achievement is nothing short of extraordinary. Her dedication to her education, coupled with her modeling commitments, has undoubtedly showcased her remarkable work ethic and ambition. And it runs in the family…

Big sister Ming Lee Simmons graduated from New York University last week.

Cheering her baby on, Kimora posted a collage of photos from the big day with the caption, “We did it!!!,” she wrote. “My 1st baby GRADUATED COLLEGE! NYU #ClassOf2023 It’s been a journey and a labor of love but YOU DID IT! Mama is soooo proud of you! ILYSM”

Russell also took to social media to celebrate his first born:

 “Gods greatest gifts are your children love them unconditionally so proud and inspired hy what u have become what is not apparent on the surface is your amazing heart this is for sure your greatest gift continue to be compassionate and loving i love and cherish you keep going the world is yours”

Congrats ladies!

As for another 2023 grad doing big things…

Kevin Hart and Torrei Hart were filled with pride and joy as their daughter, Heaven Hart, celebrated a significant milestone. Graduating from Sierra Canyon high school, Heaven not only received her diploma but she also earned the esteemed honor of being named the salutatorian of her class! Woot!

Heaven’s mother, Torrei, shared a video on Instagram capturing a special moment during her daughter’s graduation. In the clip, Heaven, who has inherited her father’s comedic talent, playfully expressed her nervousness, saying, “Being up here in person is way more nerve-wracking than sitting over there. I mean, come on, guys.”

She then launched into her speech: “Hey guys, I’m Heaven. I’m pretty nervous. I’ve been nervous for a few weeks now, and because of my nerves, I asked both of my parents for advice on what I should say. My beautiful, amazing mother told me that I should speak from the heart, and then she also said I should say something crazy. Then I asked my dad, and you know what he said? He said I should say, ‘We did it b*tch…!'” Heaven began to shout before cutting herself off mid-word. “But I’m not going to say that!”

Ha! Watch the clip above.

Following the graduation ceremony, the Harts gathered for a celebratory dinner at Soho House in Malibu. The evening held an unexpected surprise as Heaven received a brand new Porsche car, a gesture that moved her to tears. Watch below:

Much deserved.

“It’s not about me….It has always been about them!!!!!!!,” Kevin captioned photos from the graduation dinner. “I am so proud of my little girl. I am just as proud of my niece sanny for being an amazing example for Heav….Sanny was the first in our family to go to college and graduate…Now My little girl is heading in that same direction….Iron Sharpens Iron….it always has and always will. We have to motivate each other and continue to make ourselves better….Dream big damn it!!!!! Heav you made me so proud yesterday ….Doo, Zo & Ori are all watching you ….You are the best big sister ever!!!!!! We all love you so much!!!!!! #Harts”

Congrats Heaven!

Another Sierra Canyon grad…

Bronny James’ high-school graduation was not only a big deal for him but an even bigger deal for his proud parents, Savannah and LeBron James. The couple took to Instagram to share their heartfelt emotions and warm messages celebrating their 18-year-old’s achievement.

“The day has come and gone, but it only marks the beginning of a great journey in front of you!,” Savannah wrote in the caption of a graduation day video wrap up. “@bronny I am so so proud of you and I hope you are extremely proud of yourself! I am forever your unwavering support, your biggest fan and beacon of guidance always! (If you ever want mom’s POV, Lol) I’m so excited to see what your future holds!! I love you so much!! #GiverOfStretchmarks”

Ha @ #GiverOfStretchMarks!

Seeing their firstborn reach such a milestone was an entirely new and exhilarating experience for them.

“PROUD!!!!,” LeBron wrote on Instagram. “CONGRATULATIONS & LOVE YOU KID! @bronny”

Bronny’s grandmother, Gloria James, posted a special tribute to her first grandson, writing:

 “Congratulations grandson!!!! You’ve always made me very proud of you. And seeing you graduate tonight, just made me feel an even bigger sense of pride. I wish you the most happiness and  success in this next chapter of your young adult life. Continue to spread your wings and soar to new heights. Love you very much, Grammy.”

Bronny James has committed to attend USC in the fall.

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The class of 2023 at Madison Prep in Baton Rouge had a TIME during their graduation ceremony. And we love to see it! 

Congrats to all the 2023 graduates! Swipe through our gallery below for more!

Photos: Instagram

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