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2023 Prom Send-Off Insanity: When Stretch Limos and Fireworks Just Won’t Cut It

The class of 2023 is rewriting the book on prom send-offs, taking this beloved tradition to unprecedented heights. See some of this year’s extravagant send-offs inside….

Traditionally, prom send-offs were neighborhood gatherings where friends and families would gather to bid farewell to the seniors in their elegant attire. But now, parents are seizing the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by hosting their own extravagant send-offs.

Transforming their front and backyards into dazzling scenes, complete with full backdrops and party tents, these proud parents are setting the stage for a truly memorable evening.

While many applaud the creativity and dedication of parents in orchestrating these lavish send-offs, not everyone is on board with the trend. “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett recently voiced her disapproval on Twitter, sparking a heated debate.

“I pray this tacky overdone prom trend is over by the time mine are ready,” Candiace tweeted. “We not doing this. They look nice though.”

Some argue that the focus should be on the students themselves and their accomplishments rather than the extravagance of the send-offs. However, supporters argue that after a year of missed opportunities, it’s only natural for parents to want to go above and beyond to create a memorable experience for their graduating seniors.

y’all can’t be living in section 8 and going in debt for your kids to have over the top proms though, ijs.

— MarKeisha | Career Coach (@_mstrdom) May 23, 2023

i didn’t wanna comment on that thread calling those kids prom send off “tacky”. but its VERY telling in the comments about why ppl are calling it tacky lol. Y’all really want ppl you assume are poor to live like it, n constantly compare to what “rich” (yt) ppl do. very odd

— #MOST (@jeandeauxmusic) May 22, 2023

The “RHOP” star commented on a Philly prom send-off for high schooler Zahir that recently went viral. The unforgettable event showcased a bold transformation of a row house’s front facade, leaving viewers in awe. Complete with a DJ, dirt bikes, a sea of amber roses, and a luxurious red carpet, this prom send-off pushed the boundaries of imagination and left a lasting impression on all who witnessed it.

Check it out below:

At another prom send-off…

Let me piss off the TL have they seen this one yet? Because baby girl won prom

— Air-Rum (@__aarum) May 23, 2023

When it comes to prom send-offs, Mylah Collins’ experience was nothing short of extraordinary. Her parents pulled out all the stops, transforming their home into a glamorous venue, which they dubbed as “Club Collins.” This upscale setting, fit for a prom princess, was so stunning that it almost overshadowed the actual prom itself. It is rumored that the extravagant celebration cost approximately $75,000.

Go inside below:



Mylah’s mom shared before-and-after photos of the prom send-off set up:

And here’s a photo of Mylah and her date Earius. They have been friends since elementary school:



Mylah’s mother proudly shared that her daughter achieved a remarkable 3.9 GPA throughout high school, consistently maintaining an impressive academic record. Notably, she held the position of student body Vice President, secured a full scholarship to UCLA, and even established her own successful hair business.

“My baby is beautiful. Let me share some of her accolades with y’all,” Mylah’s mother wrote on Instagram. “She had a GPA of 3.6 in the 9th grade, GPA of 4.0 in the 10th and 11, for 12th grade her GPA is 3.9. She’s the student body Vice President, She a part of the Associated Student Body Cousel, The Gender and Sexually Alliance Board, and the Prom Committee. She received awards for excellence in math, history and arts, she has her own business doing hair and she is going to UCLA on academics! I’m so proud of her and I just love her a lot.”

Congrats young lady!

At another prom send-off…

One of our followers sent over her niece Taisanique & her boyfriend Carter and their epic pre-prom pic in Hagerstown, MD! We already know they had a TIME. We can’t even front. We love it.

Check out more extravagant prom send-offs below:



Hire me to rip your kid out of plastic for Prom #prom #viral #fyp

— Jovonta Patton (@JovontaPatton) May 22, 2023


Among all the extravagant prom send-offs, which one was your fave?



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