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4PF Food: Lil Baby Hosts Grand Opening For His The Seafood Menu Restaurant & Lounge

Lil Baby recently celebrated the grand opening of his The Seafood Menu restaurant which will provide jobs and opportunities to the community.

Source: The Seafood Menu 

The label Lil Baby founded is appropriately titled “four pockets full” (4PF) and the rapper is now expanding his success outside of music.

On Friday, he hosted the grand opening of his restaurant The Seafood Menu, a joint venture between him and his sister-turned-business partner Daja Jones.

Source: The Seafood Menu 

Also overseeing the venture is Chad Dillion a respected force in the business and partner of Atlanta’s The Boiler Room restaurant.

A press release reports that renowned black interior designer Jasmine Smith brought Baby’s vision to life while paying homage to the city’s heritage.

Source: The Seafood Menu / other

To kick off the grand opening, Councilman Byron Amos led the ribbon-cutting ceremony counting down to the opening as  Rylo Rodriguez, global superstar Akon, Shopify legend/entrepreneur Premadonna and Landstrip Chip watched in the crowd.

Perhaps the best part of all of the rapper’s ventures is his willingness to give back to his local Atlanta community and with this restaurant, things will be no different.

Baby’s promised that The Seafood Menu will provide job opportunities and great food at affordable prices for the community.

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