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50 Cent Leaves Starz For FOX Due To ‘Racism’: ‘I Get Paid More To Go To The Nightclub And Wave’

If there’s one thing 50 Cent knows how to do best, it’s getting to the bag and making big business deals!

Source: Theo Wargo / Getty

The successful rapper turned businessman recently sat down with Vulture. He gave insight into the rise of his popular television series and the difficulties he faced within Hollywood.

During his hunt to find a home network for his hit show Power, he ran into a lot of no’s from heavy hitters such as HBO, Hulu, Paramount, and Showtime.

“We went to all these organizations in the early stages,” he explained. “They probably had something else they felt was similar, or it wasn’t what they was looking for. I’m sure now they wish they didn’t pass on it.”

Once it was a go with STARZ, and they decided to take a chance on the show, it took off. They quickly discovered that “Power” was a great investment and became its biggest show, accomplishing record-breaking feats.

Despite record-breaking numbers and five-star reviews, 50 Cent still ran into issues when it was time to renegotiate his contract.

“Every two years, it felt like we was auditioning for a major carrier,” the New York native said. “It’s time to renegotiate, and it would be an issue. So for me at that point, really what it is, is racism. Because the project is a success, but the platforms are not necessarily acknowledging things that have diversity connected to them. I’m outperforming a lot of the shows that they had in the award-show ceremony, and they’re not putting the work in the awards show, even to watch it lose.”

Jumping into the Hollywood arena wasn’t an easy venture for 50 Cent. It actually took money out of his pocket when he decided to leave music to pursue the television industry.

Check out 50 Cent explaining the funny money Starz paid him for triple duty on Power after the flip!

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