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A Bit Bothered Bruv: Damson Idris Defends ‘Cringey’ Lori Harvey Renaissance Concert Clip Before Completely Deleting His Twitter

Damson Idris is once again defending his relationship with Lori Harvey.

Source: Tommaso Boddi / Getty

The model and the Snowfall star were seen getting cozy while attending Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour in London earlier this week and Harvey shared a few clips of their date night to Instagram, posting a handful of stories where Idris held her tightly as they danced to some of Bey’s hits.

My Gawd 😍

✨Damson Idris & Lori Harvey at Beyoncé’s RWT in London✨

— Best of Damson Idris (@dmsnidris) May 29, 2023

Date Night ft. Damson Idris & Lori Harvey ❤️‍🔥

✨Song – Virgo’s Groove by Beyoncé✨

— Best of Damson Idris (@dmsnidris) May 29, 2023


While Lori shared moments from their outing on Instagram and seemed to enjoy herself, one clip, in particular, has folks talking about her relationship with Idris once again.

One fan took a video of the couple at the Beyoncé concert, showing Damson holding onto his girlfriend and giving her kiss after kiss on the cheek as he lovingly stared at her with a content grin on his face. Lori, however, didn’t seem to match his energy, seemingly flashing an uncomfortable smile as she provided her cheek for the actor and laughed off the interaction.

Pray for him

— 888 (@lyemcfly) May 30, 2023

Of course, Twitter had a field day with this video, with thousands of women insisting the look on Lori’s face is not one of love, but one of annoyance.

“Every woman knows what face shes making,” reads one tweet with 8.1 million views.

every woman knows what face shes making

— 🛸 (@itsjusttez) May 30, 2023

In response to another tweet defending the video and the couple, another user explained why the clip is sparking such a conversation.

“His actions are sweet, but she always looks so uncomfortable in public,” she wrote. “If I leaned in and someone recoiled like that I would have picked up on that.”

His actions are sweet, but she always looks so uncomfortable in public 😭 if I leaned in and someone recoiled like that I would have picked up on that

— Michelle Obama (@omgeze) May 31, 2023

In response to the dialogue surrounding his relationship, Idris took to Twitter to give his two cents, clearly annoyed that he and Harvey are the topic of conversation, once again.

“Everyday chat chat chat,” he tweeted. “You people don’t rest. Please man. Mind your business.”

Shortly after, he deactivated his Twitter page.

Yall really made Damson deactivate saying lori doesn’t like him 😭😭😭

— Yokioooo (@MeYokioMontana) May 31, 2023

It’s safe to say that as long as Damson Idris and Lori Harvey are in a relationship, fans are gonna have something to say about it.

“She’s in London, with her Husband”

Lmao, you just gotta love Damson 😂

— Best of Damson Idris (@dmsnidris) May 27, 2023

What do YOU think about Damson deleting his Twitter amid the never-ending Lori Harvey comments?

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