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A Lil’ Humor: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Jokes About Ja Morant’s Gun Troubles During Interview

Adam Silver & Ja Morant – Source: Sarah Stier / Getty

Ahead of announcing Ja Morant’s punishment for waving a gun on social media yet again, Adam Silver is cracking jokes about the issue.

Ja Morant is currently suspended from all Memphis Grizzlies team activities following his second gun-waving incident. After his first suspension for brandishing a firearm on social media, he did the usual PR moves to smooth things over. That included visiting the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and promising that he’d changed his behavior. The league, which many feel wants Ja to be the face of the NBA, went easy on him. Ja served an 8-game suspension and was back to high-flying in arenas before the Lakers eliminated the Grizzlies in the postseason.

When Ja was seen with another gun on social media Adam Silver was shocked but said he would wait to announce Morant’s punishment until after the NBA finals.

This week while on The Dan Patrick show, Silver leaned into a joke about Morant’s gun troubles.

“I’m gonna get Sandler to do a PSA for the NBA, on an anti-carrying program,” said Patrick.

“It could have a double meaning, by the way,” replied Silver.

“Yeah, the Ja Morant anti-carrying [policy]… absolutely, I got it commissioner,” added Patrick as Silver smiled.

Despite Silver’s joking, the commissioner is reportedly taking things seriously and Morant could be suspended for the entire 2023-2024 season.

Gotta love to Commissioner Silver leaning into the joke at the end of the interview 😂

— Dan Patrick Show (@dpshow) June 8, 2023

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