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ACAB Worldwide: 667 Arrested As France Goes Up In Flames Following Fatal Police Shooting Of 17-Year-Old Boy Nahel M.

Source: PHILIPPE LOPEZ / Getty

Turns out that people all over the world are sick and tired of the police.

According to ABCNews, the country is in the midst of its third day of rioting and protests related to the fatal police shooting of a 17-year-old name Nael M. The full scope of the incident still isn’t clear but the boy was driving in the northwestern Paris suburb of Nanterre and was subjected to a traffic check. Nael was subsequently shot in the chest and died as a result of his injury. The officer who pulled the trigger has been detained on suspicion of voluntary homicide while an investigation ensues.

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We’ll stop right here to say that it’s interesting that the French deem it appropriate to detain officers who allegedly enact violence on the public while here in America, cops can kill just about anybody and still collect a check while sleeping in their beds every night.

Source: BERTRAND GUAY / Getty

It is reported that 40,000 police officers have been deployed across France where large peaceful protests occur alongside fiery riots in Paris and neighboring areas. Just last night 667 were arrested nationwide and tonight will likely be no different. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin is begging the public for “calm” while Nael’s mother has taken to social media with an opposing message, “Please, let’s revolt for my son.”

Source: BERTRAND GUAY / Getty

Heard you and so do a lot of other people. Police brutality isn’t just an American problem, law enforcement departments all across the globe will violate, abuse, and kill innocent people just because they can. The people have had enough.

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