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Always Bet On Black: Exonerated 5 Member Dr. Yusef Salaam Set To Win NYC City Council Primary Election

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No weapon formed shall prosper!

Thirty-four years ago, Dr. Yusef Salaam’s future was put in grave jeopardy by a lying a** white woman who accused him and four other young Black boys of raping her in New York’s Central Park. That risk was multiplied exponentially when another janky white person, Donald Trump, took out a full-page ad in the newspaper calling for Dr. Salaam and his friends to be sentenced to death.

God wasn’t going for it. “🗽 Historic triumph! Yusef Salaam, a member of the Exonerated Five, emerged victorious in the NYC Council race for Harlem. This victory comes 34 years after Donald Trump’s role in the unjust execution of Yusef and four other young Black and brown men. A…

— The Black Wall Street Times (@TheBWSTimes) June 28, 2023

According to a CNN report, Dr. Salaam has now claimed victory in his campaign to win a seat on New York City’s city council.

This campaign has been about those who have been counted out,” Salaam said. “This campaign has been about those who have been forgotten. This campaign has been about our Harlem community who has been pushed into the margins of life and made to believe that they were supposed to be there.”


NYC uses a system called ranked voting to determine the winner of primaries and special election. Any candidate who pulls 50% or more of the vote is called the winner. Although a winner has not been “officially” declared, as of Wednesday morning, Dr. Salaam held 50.1% of the vote.

NEW: Incredible. Exonerated 5 member Yusef Salaam has gone from wrongful imprisonment to winning his city council primary tonight…he will almost certainly win the general election. Historic night and an amazing story.

— Kaivan Shroff (@KaivanShroff) June 28, 2023

Speaking to his supporters on Tuesday night, Dr. Salaam didn’t bite his tongue or dodge the elephant in the room.

“There were large ads bought in 1989, a whisper for the state to kill us,” Salaam said. “A whisper, in fact, into the darkest enclaves of society for them to do to us what they had done to Emmett Till.”

Trump is trying to dodge prison and Dr. Yusef Salaam is about to run the city. Run tell that.

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