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Amber Rose Shuts Down ‘Colorism’ Criticism: ‘I Can’t Help How I Look… Now Leave Me The F**k Alone!’

Amber Rose’s racial identity is still a hot topic, and she clapped back at claims she “perpetuates colorism.” “I am NOT no f**king white woman. Stop playing with me,” she warned.

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The model shared a photo dump on Instagram over the weekend from her recent trip to NYC. Amber traded in her signature platinum baldie for flowing blonde bundles. The Shade Room reposted her video, asking for opinions on the new flowing style she rocked. Then all hell broke loose in the comments.

Several people clocked the resemblance to another platinum blonde beauty, the late Jacky Oh. Many others trolled Amber about looking like a white woman with the long blonde hair. Have we learned nothing from Gretchen Wieners’ wise words in Mean Girls? “You can’t just ask someone why they’re white!”

“Not even being funny I really didn’t know this was her, I really did think it was a white woman, but she probably did it on purpose to be petty,” one comment said.

“Yes y’all, today she is white,” someone added.

“Harpo, who’s dis [white] woman?” another asked.

That was the final straw for Amber, who shared on the last season of College Hill: Celebrity Edition that racial ambiguity is a trigger for her. The 39-year-old sounded off about facing “colorism” accusations just because of “genetics” that she “can’t help.”

Apparently, me being born perpetuates colorism in the black community. It’s genetics! I can’t help how I look. I don’t try to be anything I’m not,” she explained. Just remember white enslavers started colorism to pin us against each other yet in 2023 we’re still having this stupid a** conversation,” she wrote.

Regardless of the public’s questions, Amber says she knows exactly who she is. She just wants to be left alone about it.

“I’m BLACK and WHITE now leave me the f**k alone about how I look. I can’t crawl back in my mom’s p***y and come out darker to make you feel more comfortable with who I am,” she continued.

Amber also shut down trolls repeating what turned out to be fighting words from Joseline Hernandez on College Hill. A debate about Amber’s identity came to blows when the Zeus Network star challenged her Blackness.

“You know what your problem is, you really want to be a white girl,” many replies said, quoting Joseline.

When asked about the fight, Joseline doubled down and called Amber a “Karen” on The Breakfast Club.

“I am NOT no f**king white woman. Stop playing with me. I’m not just a black woman either. It’s unfair to black women and their experiences for me to even say that,” Amber explained.

The brainy baddie turned The Shade Room into the classroom with a lesson about the differences between her racial heritage and the perception of her race in society.

“I can empathize with Black women, but I am not a dark skinned or brown skinned black woman to sit here and be delusional and act like I know what that feels like. I don’t. The world does not treat me like that,” she said, reflecting on her experiences and identity.

“That is not me denouncing my Blackness that is me saying that out of respect for the Black woman’s experience, which I do not have as a fair skinned biracial person. I don’t understand, why that is so hard to comprehend?” she asked.

Whew, Ms. Rose is fed up! Who knew a new wig would spark another racial debate?

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