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AmeriKKKa’s Most Taunted: Ice Cube Takes Tucker Carlson On Ride Along To Kiki Over Anti-Vaxx Adoration, Today Was A Bad Day

Source: Paras Griffin/Getty Images/GIORGIO VIERA/AFP via Getty Images

We can only wonder what the Ice Cube of the 1980s would think of the Ice Cube of the 2020s?

O’Shea Jackson Sr., the rebellious Black man who used to scare the s#!t out of obtuse white people for his unhinged truth-telling has now become bedfellows with one of the most high-profile avatars for the aforementioned Anglo-Saxons.

Ep. 10 Stay in your lane: our drive through South Central LA with Ice Cube.

(next episode: Ice Cube sits down with us at his studio)

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) July 25, 2023

Not that he actually cares, but Cube is currently being taken to pound town on social media with no Vaseline. The indignant outrage was sparked by a new episode of fired Fox News neocon Tucker Carlson’s show Stay In Your Lane where the NWA rapper took the host on an urban safari and fellowshipped over anti-vaxx rhetoric. 

Ice Cube doing interviews with racist ass Tucker Carlson AND driving him through the hood?? For what??? For who??? How embarrassing.

— Britni Danielle (@BritniDWrites) July 26, 2023

NWA Ice Cube probably would have been preaching about how f***ed it is that rich white folks got access to COVID vaccine before less wealthy, more vulnerable Black and brown communities. Guess his tax bracket no longer suits that kind of politics. The type of white folks who would have been terrified of him 40 years ago are now his most ignorant and ardent supporters…

Wait…. read that first sentence, y’all…

— Strictly 4 My X’ers (@Lizzs_Lockeroom) July 26, 2023

This is far from Cube’s first rodeo at the public discontent ranch but it still serves as another instance of Cube seemingly abandoning his former persona. 

This is just…
On brand
It’s pathetic knowing how much Tucker Carlson trashes Black people on the regular
And ice cube shows up to his front door with that stupid ass grin
There is a pattern of weakest links in our community

— colorfullstory (@colorfullstory) July 26, 2023

As Nas once quipped, a thug changes, and love changes, and best friends become strangers. Word up. 

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