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Ashley Silva Drags Clifton Pettie + Jamie Tyler & Erana Tyler Label Ashley as the Problem

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Ashley Silva isn’t on good terms with Clifton Pettie and Joi Carter Pettie.

Love & Marriage: DC” star Ashley Silva has been receiving a lot of criticism amid the current season. She’s managed to rub newbies Joi Carter Pettie and Clifton Pettie the wrong way. Joi and Cliff weren’t ready for the world to know they had tied the knot. However, Ashley let the cat out of the bag and this angered the couple tremendously. Although Ashley said the slip-up wasn’t malicious, Clifton and Joi aren’t convinced that their coworker made a harmless mistake. They believe Ashley intentionally shared their business out of spite. And Cliffton said she could have intentionally shared their marital status due to jealousy.

Ashley pushed back at the jealousy claims during the recent episode. She told Joi that she and Clifton didn’t have any accomplishments to envy. Ashley also said that she is the reason why Joi and Cliff are on the show.

Joi and Ashley’s conversation wasn’t all that productive. The only thing they agreed on was there was no need to be around each other moving forward.

Erana Tyler and Jamie Tyler think DJ Quick Silva isn’t holding Ashley Silva accountable.

To no surprise, the tension between Ashley and the couple appears to be only worsening with each new episode. During a preview for the next episode, Ashley accuses Clifton of being sassy.

Clifton asks Ashley, “What I do to you?”

Ashley responds, “You’re a *****!”

She adds, “You’re the sixth female on the show! Sassy ***!”

In another scene, Ashley tells DJ Quick Silva about the heated moment she had with Clifton.

“Clifton gets his big burly ***** *** up and like starts talking and leaned over me…”

Quick says, “You disrespect my wife, you got a problem with me.”

He continues, “If I have to see him again, it’s gonna be an issue. I’m just telling you that now.”

Interestingly enough, Jamie Tyler and Erana Tyler feel like Ashley is the problem.

Jamie tells Clifton, “I feel like the situation with you and Quick is he wasn’t there and he’s basically ride or die for his wife.”

In a green screen interview, Jamie elaborates, “I love Ashley the death, like a little sister but Ashley has a big personality. Quick you have got to start addressing your wife’s behavior.”

Erana adds, “She has to take accountability for something. And right now she’s not doing that. It’s not right.”


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