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Asian Doll Denies Messing With Lil Jamez After Znuie Blasts Him For Cheating: ‘I Don’t Like Men Who Are Short, Black And Ugly’

It’s no secret that Znuie and Lil Jamez have been in a rocky relationship since 2018. Not only are they constantly on and off, but Znuie has even accused Lil Jamez of abuse and serial infidelity.

Throughout the years, the couple has continued to drag each other in the public eye. Things weren’t very different this week when Znuie called Jamez out, along with Asian Doll, Cuban Doll, and Skyy from “Black Ink.”

In 2022, the couple took a small break from their unhealthy ways when they welcomed their baby boy Heaven. They ensured supporters that they were done with all the drama and were ready to be happy together. Sadly, peace between the two didn’t last long before returning to old habits.

The influencer took to her Instagram Story, airing out Jamez and the women she alleges he’s been messing around while she was pregnant. Her “evidence” included photos of Jamez kicking it with Asian Doll, on Facetime with Cuban Doll, at the beach with Sky from Black Ink, and a few more ladies.

“You posting the wrong shorty. Leave me out of it, while you over there tryna hiiiiide! We see bludda” Znuie said.

Znuie immediately received backlash for calling out the women but neglecting to hold Lil Jamez accountable for his actions. However, she also let critics know she moved out of Las Vegas and has left Lil Jamez alone.

“Oh nah, I came at EVERYBODY cause a mf won’t leave me alone. Told his a** to stop worrying about me and worry about his shorties that all knew about me when we WERE together. I came for everybody he wasn’t left out! Believe dat,” Znuie wrote.


Asian Doll Drags Znuie And Denies Being Involved With Jamez In An 8-Minute Rant


Asian Doll reacted by hopping on Instagram Live to address the influencer after peeping that Znuie referred to her as “tooth body” in her posts.

“If you not about to link up, shut up about the n****! We in Texas b*** we whoop h***. We whoop b**** that wanna fight or get into over the internet behind a n****! You’ll get yo a** whooped,” Asian said.

But Znuie didn’t back down. She stepped into The Shade Room Instagram comment section, ready for all the smoke.

“Internet thuggin’ I beat h*** up in real life. Mf’s play tough for an image. She a real sweetheart! Tell shorty drop lo,” Znuie wrote.

Despite the intimate footage, Asian Doll claims that Jamez is just a “fan” and never saw him after their link-up. Asian said she was never interested in Jamez, saying she doesn’t like “n*ggas who are short, black, and ugly.” 

 Asian Doll Blasts Znuie’s Ceraadi’s Family Drama

After denouncing a romance with Lil Jamez, Asian doubled back to drag Znuie again. During the rest of the rant, she calls Znuie out for reportedly scamming her followers, bashing other women, and turning on her family for Jamez.


You’ll recall back in 2018, Znuie was part of a girls’ group with her two sisters, Emaza Dilan and Saiyr. Their iconic family bond ended after Znuie decided–at 19–she no longer wanted to be a part of the group.

The group break-up didn’t sit well with Znuie’s mother, who blamed Lil Jamez for the friction. In 2022, Sayir and Znuie made amends but again lost contact. Mama Ceraadi and Emaza have previously admitted that they refuse to have a relationship with Znuie.

While Asian Doll went back and forth with Znuie, Lil Jamez wasn’t here for how she was talking about him. He checked Asian via his Instagram Story.

“Asian the ant b**** stop lying a** h**! Just saying anything to be cool b*** u ain’t even have to say nothing just keep it P but wanna play internet games lying you dawg a** b***”

Fly Tatted Sky Also Denies Messing With Lil Jamez

Meanwhile, Sky stepped into the online tussle like Bennett, letting folks know she is not in it (aka the mess). She let Znuie know that she empathizes with being hurt but clarified the friendship with Lil Jamez was “strictly platonic.”

“I understand you’re hurt, and I’m sorry you’re going through it, but this is random…I’m INLOVE and have been since 7/23/22. @liljamez friendship was as you said “random” we met through mutual friends but Platonic! This picture is from this time last year At the beach with multiple friends… You could’ve

Znuie quickly dipped back into her archives with a video of past texts between the reality star and her child’s father.

“Ion know if I’m calling my friends “papi ” ???? But since you sleight weight was cool about it and you in a relationship now. I won’t post the type of time y’all was on,” Znuie wrote.

Girlies Keep It GOING: Asian Doll & Znuie Continue To Throw Shots

While the net thought the beef was dying down, Znuie started pulling out more footage from the Lil Jamez and Asian Doll.

In response to Asian Doll denying their romance, Znuie uploaded a video of her ex and the rapper kissing. In the clip, you can see Asian Doll sitting on Jamez’s lap as the two share a smooch. You can even hear Lil Jamez call her bae as he amps her up while dancing.

“Not you tryna downplay a relationship and tryna be cool. You can lie to the internet but we both know the truth. I don’t miss mfs I don’t like. That’s too intimate lil dirty. Keep shaking them hips tho” Znuie captioned the clip.


Asian Doll admitted they kissed, but she claimed his breath was kicking. She continues to double down that they never linked after Lil Jamez flew out to see her. Znuie continues to stress that she’s not bitter, but this all started after she begged the father of her son to leave her alone.

While it seems like the feud has settled, it sounds like neither of these ladies will be linking with Lil Jamez anytime soon!


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