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Atlanta Mother Alleges Sugar Factory Staff Served Alcohol To Children At Her 11-Year-Old Daughter’s Birthday Party (Video)

An Atlanta mother is alleging that Sugar Factory employees served alcohol to children during her 11-year-old daughter’s birthday party. According to WSB-TV, the incident allegedly occurred at the restaurant’s midtown Atlanta location on Thursday, July 27.

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More Details Regarding The Alleged Incident

According to the outlet, Souljah Perdue arrived with other adults and children at the midtown location. The outlet reports that the youngest child present for her daughter’s birthday celebration was three years old.

Perdue explained that due to the occasion, the Sugar Factory “gave her and her guests complimentary drinks.” The drinks reportedly included alcohol shots for the adults and juice for the children.

However, when the beverages arrived at the table and the children began ingesting the drinks, Perdue observed that the children started “making these faces.”

“I start looking around. I’m looking at my daughter and I’m seeing the other kids and they’re making these faces. ‘I think it has liquor in it,’” Perdue explained.

She then told the outlet that she informed the location’s manager who responded by looking immediately “disturbed.”

“I told the manager what happened and he’s looking disturbed, he’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, I told them non-alcoholic shots,’” she recalled to WSB-TV.

Additionally, Perdue shared her shock regarding the restaurant’s alleged mistake.

“I couldn’t believe it. It’s something I have never heard of. I was really like how could they make this mistake?”

More Detail’s Regarding The Sugar Factory’s Response To The Matter

Afterward, Perdue then completed an incident report to document the matter. Additionally, the mother was sure to record the process.

In a video obtained by WSB-TV, a Sugar Factory employee can be heard accepting accountability for the mistake.

“There was Coconut Rum and Pineapple Juice. It’s a .5 of Coconut rum. I accept full responsibility. Nothing should have come out of my bar that I’m not aware of. And it should have not been made,” the unnamed employee said.

The restaurant then allegedly informed Perdue that she would hear “from their corporate office” regarding the incident. However, the Atlanta mother says the company has not contacted her and is not answering her phone calls.

“They’re not answering no calls. They’re like nothing happened.”

As of this article’s publication, WSB-TV has contacted the Sugar Factory midtown location. However, the only feedback they’ve received is that the location is “actively researching this feedback.”

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