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Back & Betta: City Girls Speak On ‘Elevated’ Artistry That Next Album Will Feature

With the three-year anniversary of the last City Girls album — City on Lock — coming up, the rap duo is speaking on what the future holds for their artistry!

The Duo Is Taking A New Approach: “It’s Elevated P***y Rap”

During a recent sit-down with ComplexJT spoke on how the group has “been working on new music” and has “a lot coming.”

“We’ve been working on new music, and I feel the problem was we were trying to put out the perfect song, but that turned into a project. We got a lot coming.”

Yung Miami further explained that while they were “really just having fun” with past tracks, they’re taking a different approach with their new project.

“I felt like [with] other projects, we was really just having fun. We wasn’t in our head about it or overthinking it. We would just do songs and put ’em together. Now it’s just like we think about these records and figure out what’ll be great.”

JT was sure to add, “It’s just a perfection thing right now. I don’t want to put out nothing corny.” She also spoke on how the next project will be a more “evaluated” version of the good ol’ “p***y rap” that City Girls fans love.

“I want the music to be good and hit. It’s still p***y rap like it’ll be fun but much more elevated. It’s elevated p***y rap.”

City Girls Took Some Time To Reflect Before Gettin’ Back Into Grind Mode

As for the nearly three-year break between albums, JT notes that the duo was “just being free.” However, “it’s time to get to it” and “really grind and stand on business.”

“We were just being free, honestly. I feel like freedom is more important than money. Just feeling free, doing what I want to do… but it’s like now it’s time to get to it and really grind and stand on business.”

Similarly, Yung Miami said the “Where The Bag At” rappers took time to “really identify” what they wanted to improve on.

“I think just taking time to identify who we are and what could be better, just as an artist and making music and just when we’re on stage, taking time to really identify things that we need to work on.”

The Caresha Please host proceeded to call the duo “legends” who “don’t give a f**k what nobody says,” and JT agreed. After all, she asks, “Who did it like the City Girls?”

“Who did it like the City Girls? Nobody. It ain’t been two b***hes to come in, have this personality, and give people the attitude.”

JT wrapped by adding, “We came, and just talked about p***y [while] just being us. Ain’t nobody got good p***y rap like City Girls.”

While it’s unclear exactly the new City Girls project will arrive, the duo says it’ll drop right in time for the summer, so it should be sometime soon!

Additionally, Yung Miami and JT shared that the project will feature 17-20 tracks of “elevated p***y rap,” so fans will have plenty of bops to bump!

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