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‘Belle Collective’ Exclusive Clip: Fireworks Fly After Marie Brings Up Tambra’s ‘Irrelevant’ Ex—‘Peace Is Not Happening Today’

The Belles are airing at a new time on OWN and BOSSIP’s got an exclusive look at an explosive episode!

Source: Belle Collective / OWN

Belle Collective returns tonight, July 7 at 9 pm ET/PT after the premiere of Ready To Love and it looks like our Mississippi stunners are ready for drama.

Source: Belle Collective / OWN

In an exclusive sneak peek, we see the Belles coming together for a peace treaty that goes left when Marie tells Tambra that she’s been in contact with one of her exes.

Source: Belle Collective / OWN

Source: Belle Collective / OWN

Tambra is adamant that the man is a conniving “narcissist” who “tried to ruin her” but Marie’s not so sure.

According to Marie, the man said that he was previously engaged to Tambra and labeled her a “compulsive liar” who fabricated her life. Marie alleges that the man had receipts in the form of police records and she’s now questioning Tambra’s squeaky clean image.

Source: Belle Collective / OWN

A fed-up Tambra however doesn’t want to hear it.

“I’m telling you and I’m letting you know he’s a narcissist and he cannot come anywhere near my family,” says Tambra. “I have a court order against him and I’m not going to talk about him because I cannot.”

Source: Belle Collective / OWN

“Tambra is hiding her true self to protect her identity,” Marie says in a confessional. “Tambra wants people to believe that she’s flawless.”

Source: Belle Collective / OWN

Tambra is stunned that Marie is bringing up this information and questions the sisterhood with the Belles.

“We talk about protecting the collective, how is this protecting the collective?” asks Tambra. “This is very irrelevant to my life and then you’re talking about another man, a man who has done so much,to me. I’m very upset.”

Source: Belle Collective / OWN

As the argument between the ladies continues, Marie throws up her hands.

“Well, we gave peace a chance,” she says. “This went pretty much the way I knew it would go. I love Lateshia for trying, but peace is not happening today.”

Source: Belle Collective / OWN

Take an exclusive look below.

A new episode of Belle Collective airs TONIGHT July 7 at 9 on OWN.

Okay, we see you Belles 👏🏾 Y’all sure are walking the walk and talking that talk. Tune in TONIGHT at 9|8c!

— OWN Unscripted (@OWNKeepItReal) July 7, 2023


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