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Black Lives Matter: 11-Year-Old Aderrien Murry Shot By Indianola, Mississippi Cop Greg Capers During Domestic Disturbance Call

Source: Nakala Murry / Nakala Murry

Lord have mercy, Jesus Christ, help us, Father God.

Once again we have another instance of police brutality and ineptitude that will bring you tears, trigger your rage, or both. According to ABCNews, a Mississippi mother named Nakala Murry was awakened to the sound of her daughter’s father banging on her bedroom window. She describes the man as “irate” and being familiar with his moods, she instructed her son Aderrien to call his grandmother. Aderrien did just that but he also called 911 for assistance.

Two officers responded to the call and Murry says that upon arrival they became very aggressive yelling at her to come out of the house and kicking down the door. Murry says that she complied with the officers’ demands and then all hell broke loose…

“I opened the door. When I opened it, [an officer’s] gun was up. He was telling me to come out,” she said. “I went out, I got out of the way. I walked out toward the end of my driveway where my mom was. And I heard a shot and I saw my son run out toward where we were.”

Aderrien was shot in the chest and Nakala says she immediately began putting pressure on his wound to attempt to stop the bleeding. While laying on the ground in his mother’s arms, Nakala says that Aderrien told her, “I don’t wanna die.”

Is your blood boiling yet? Ours is.

My client Aderrien Murry is blessed to be home and alive. He’s a remarkable young man and did not deserve to be shot as a 11 year old innocent child by an Indianola cop named Greg Capers. #JusticeForAderrienMurry

— Attorney Carlos Moore (@Esquiremoore) May 25, 2023

Aderrien survived his gunshot wound and now his mother and her attorney Carlos Moore are demanding that Officer Greg Capers be fired and the body camera video be released to the public. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is looking into the case and the results will be given to the state’s Attorney General for a decision on whether or not to prosecute. Until then, Capers has been suspended.

Murry’s attorney, Carlos Moore, told ABC News’ “World News Tonight” that police were told three times that there was no gun at the home: by Aderrien to a 911 dispatcher; by Aderrien’s grandmother to a 911 dispatcher; and by Murry to the police who responded to her front door.

There was no reason for Officer Capers to come in so hot and it sounds like his wildly reckless overreaction nearly led to a child’s death. Put him in prison. Nothing else is acceptable.

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