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Black Trauma: Ralph Yarl Speaks Publicly For First Time Since He Was Shot For Going To Wrong House—‘I’m Just A Kid’

Source: Chase Castor / Getty

It’s been three months since Ralph Yarl was shot in the head and arm by a white man named Andrew Lester after Yarl mistakenly knocked on his door in an attempt to pick up his twin brothers. The incident set off protests in the suburban streets of Kansas City’s Northland neighborhood and even Lester’s own grandson came out publicly and said that the 84-year-old had “racist tendencies”.

Fortunately, Yarl survived his gunshot wounds and has been recovering at home with his family. The teenager recently made a public appearance at a charity walk where his mother Cleo Nagbe addressed the crowd and gave an update on her son’s health.

Today, for the first time, we hear from Ralph as he sat down for an interview with ABC News‘ Robin Roberts and Good Morning America to talk about his continued recovery and his perspective on everything that has happened to him since he was shot.

“He points [the gun] at me … so I kinda, like, brace and I turn my head,” Yarl told Roberts. “Then it happened. And then I’m on the ground … and then I fall on the glass. The shattered glass. And then before I know it I’m running away shouting, ‘Help me, help me.’”

You can watch the full interview in the clip below.


Andrew Lester has been charged with one count of felony assault in the first degree and one count of armed criminal action. We hope he suffers the worst end of all potential legal consequences. We also hope that Ralph Yarl continues to prosper and live a rich and fulfilled life. Based on some of the things he told GMA, he’s well on his way.

“I’m just a kid and not larger than life because this happened to me,” he said. “I’m just gonna keep doing all the stuff that makes me happy. And just living my life the best I can, and not let this bother me.”

Amen to that.

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