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#BlackMusicMonthMonday: Soulful Supernova Durand Bernarr Redefines R&B As Music’s Boldest ‘Bad B*tch’ On The Rise

Source: Leon Bennett/Getty Images

In honor of Black Music Month, we’re celebrating bubbling artists like soulful supernova Durand Bernarr who continues to redefine R&B as the boldest ‘bad b*tch’ on the rise in 2024.

Unapologetically campy with a theatrical flair, Bernarr is one of one in a monolithic music industry afraid of coloring outside the lines which he does loudly and proudly with his music.

Source: Erika Goldring/Getty Images

According to his bio, the talented performance artist, vocalist, producer, and songwriter “combines elements of Little Richard and Rick James” in his fearless artistry (described as “Gangster Musical Theatre”) which defined his now-viral appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk.

Channeling beloved Proud Family character Bobby Proud, Durand cemented himself as one of music’s most unique performers while introducing new fans to his energy-elevating music headlined by breakout hit “Mango Butter”–a silky-smooth ode to being a bad b*tch and that n****.

Prior to his appearance on NPR’s popular series, the Cleveland-native shined on standout Kaytranada jam “Freefall” and joined Erykah Badu on her “Unfollow Me” tour as a background vocalist who performed as an opening act in three of the tour’s 25 stops.

Most recently, Durand showed off his hilarious personality and signature showmanship in a completely unserious audition to pay tribute to Usher at this year’s BET Awards.

He also announced the Rollin’ With the Homies Skate Experience—an upcoming 6-city skate tour beginning on July 6th in Dallas, TX at Broadway Skateland and ending on August 1st in Chicago, IL at Fleetwood Skating Rink.

Additional cities include Houston, TX (July 9th at Pearwood Skate Center), Washington, D.C. (July 11th at Cavalier Family Skating Center), Brooklyn, NY (July 13th at Xanadu Roller Arts), and Atlanta, GA (July 24th at Golden Glide Skating Rink).

In addition to the skate tour, Bernarr released his latest visual EP En Route now available on all streaming platforms.

Distributed by Create Music Group, En Route is described as a “genre-bending compilation of Durand’s musical influences” that “serves as a transitional bridge between his sophomore album Wanderlust and his forthcoming solo and collaborative releases, including Adi Oasis’s “Le Départ” (the extended version), and “Weird” off Grammy-winning Kaytranada’s album Timeless.”

With boundless star power and a style all his own, the emerging queer icon is primed to become more than just your favorite singer’s favorite singer on his way to music stardom.

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