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Blue Ivy Hits Epic 8-Counts During Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour In Paris

What’s 4+4? ATE! That’s what Blue Ivy did when her mom, Beyoncé, brought her out for a surprise performance during her Renaissance World Tour stop in Paris. Watch Blue’s epic 8-counts inside…

We definitely didn’t have this on our 2023 Bingo card!

In a stunning display of talent and inherited star power, Blue Ivy Carter, the beloved daughter of music icon Beyoncé, sent shockwaves through the audience during her mother’s Renaissance  World Tour concert in the enchanting city of Paris on May 26th.

The 11-year-old prodigy effortlessly took center stage before 80,000 fans, showcasing her impeccable dance skills to the beats of her mother’s anthems “My Power” and “Black Parade”.

As video clips spread like wildfire across the internet, fans and onlookers were left awe-struck by Blue’s mesmerizing performance, which she learned in a little over a week.

”Give it up for Blue,” Bey told the crowd as Blue appeared onstage in a glittery silver mock-neck top and cargo pants complete with a pair of stylish sunglasses.

Watch Blue eat the girls up below:



Blue Ivy dancing with her mother Beyoncé in Paris !!!

— RENAISSANCE (@Ben_Dubaii) May 26, 2023

Beyoncé performing with her daughter Blue Ivy, simply legendary

— (@beyoncegarden) May 26, 2023

Blue Ivy is so disrespectful for eating her mother up like this

— THUGGA (@THUGGABEY) May 27, 2023

Our niece left NO crumbs.

Blue Ivy’s onstage appearance in Paris was not her first time sharing the spotlight with her superstar mom. Earlier this year, the young talent amazed audiences at the Atlantis Royal Resort in Dubai, where she joined Beyoncé in a remarkable duet of “Brown Skin Girl”.

If you didn’t know, Paris is incredibly special to Jay Z and Beyoncé. It’s where they got engaged and even where Blue Ivy was conceived. So, seeing Blue on stage with her mom in Paris while her dad is in the audience, completely awestruck by it all, is just so beautiful!

— BEYTHOVEN | non-affiliated fan account (@beyonceparkwood) May 26, 2023

In the audience…

As Blue Ivy commanded the stage, the concert was graced by the presence of several other notable figures. Megan Thee Stallion, accompanied by none other than Blue Ivy’s father and Roc Nation boss, Jay Z, and The Dream, could be spotted amidst the thrilled crowd.

Not to be missed, Blue Ivy’s grandmother, Tina Lawson, was also in attendance, radiating immense pride and joy. Taking to Instagram, she couldn’t contain her emotions, sharing her overwhelming sense of pride for her talented granddaughter.

“Last Night !! Blue Ivy performed in the front of a huge audience!!,” Grandma Tina wrote on Instagram. “And yes I am a proud grandma. I am truly amazed by the courage that this brave , talented , beautiful 11 year old exhibited last night! There were almost 70,000 people in that audience . She danced with professional dancers, grown folks , she did complicated choreography and moves that they rehearsed for months ! She rehearsed and learned this in a little over a week . She was so smooth with it! So cool with it ! She is the coolest most confident 11 year old I know!!!!”



In another post, she wrote, “Last night I saw my beautiful grandbaby (11) dance in the front of almost 70 thousand people ! She killed it and was as cool as a cucumber! Blue Ivy Carter [heart emojis] No Fear”

The “Renaissance Tour” is keeping audiences captivated as it travels through the UK and Europe. Fans are eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated North American leg, which is set to kick off in July. You ready?!




Bey also paid tribute to the late Tina Turner, who passed away from natural causes a few days ago.


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