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‘Blue Monkey’ Messiness: Erica Mena’s Racist Remark To Spice Sparks Backlash—‘Fire Her!’

Erica Mena is getting packed up on social media following this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Source: MTV VH1 Photo / MTV VH1 Photo

The 35-year-old reality star got into an altercation with her co-star, Spice, during an episode of the series that aired this week.

During their back-and-forth, Spice told Mena that her son does not like his own mother, which is when the situation really escalated.  That comment in particular led to Erica violently flipping over a table toward the singer as the pair both yelled at one another. 

While security tried to de-escalate the situation and break up the fight, another Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member,  Shekinah Jo, tried her best to get both women to stop arguing. That’s when Mena took the situation to a whole other level, spewing racial insults at her Black co-star.

“That b**** should’ve died!” Erica screamed referencing Spice’s surgery scare before Spice yelled back, “Your son hates you, b****!”

In response, Mena could be heard yelling, “You monkey, you f***ing blue monkey!”

Erica VS Spice! 👀🔥 #LHHATL (@MTV)

— jay (@JaysRealityBlog) August 30, 2023

As pointed out by many fans online, the fact that Erica jumped to immediately calling a Black woman a monkey shows how she really feels about the people she’s associated herself with her entire career. Many commenters also drew attention to the fact that other celebrities have lost their jobs for using the same language, like in 2018 when ABC fired Roseanne Barr for referring to former U.S. government official Valerie Jarrett as “planet of the apes.”

While Spice did receive some backlash for bringing up Erica’s child in the first place, the major discourse surrounding the viral clip is Mena’s anti-blackness. The Jamaican Dancehall artist addressed the negative reactions to her contribution on Instagram, pointing out a double standard.

“Kids are off limits right??????? But I guess it’s only when I ask cause where’s the same energy when Scrappy and Stevie J talked about it, but now I’m a Monkey and should have died on the table? Ok, Erica,” Spice on Instagram.

Regardless of what started the altercation, it’s safe to say fans want some serious repercussions to come Erica’s way.

Check out reactions to the situation down below:

Evelyn Lozada, Laura and Gloria Gloven, Erica Mena, all the same. They have this unprovoked nasty anti black hate for black women but this unwavering obsession for black man- it was uncanny to watch cause they never even try to hide it.

— Tittygate 2023 (@jiggyjayy2) August 30, 2023

Erica Mena calling Spice a monkey is disgusting and anyone trying to excuse it needs help. Erica showed how she really feels about black people. #LHHATL

— Tianna (@tianna450) August 30, 2023

She was EATING Erica Mena UP! Spice laid it on her thick and reflected the mirror on her dunce self. “Welcome to the club!”

The “my son LOVES me” was the gut punch! WHEW! #LHHATL

— Bravo’s Prison Pipeline (@livelovesimone) August 23, 2023

Y’all better be canceling Erica Mena!!! Monkey??? And your WHOLE career and pockets are centered on the BLACK culture 😳😳😳 send that b**ch back to the projects!

— Lorey Harvi (@Time2Queen) August 30, 2023

Erica Mena is on a black show, with black kids, cosplaying as a black woman, and the only word she had left in her vocabulary was monkey? Nasty work.

— Olivia Nope 🇭🇹 (@CassandraCherie) August 30, 2023

Apparently this ain’t the first time Erica Mena has done this. @MTV @MonaScottYoung

Fire her, immediately.

Racism is not ok. VH1 fired Sky for a verbal altercation with her son & terrible remarks she made. Erica Mena gotta leave MTV & #LHHATL NOW.

— ERIC (@EricUnedited) August 30, 2023


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