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Blueface Arrested For Robbery While Headed To Court For Attempted Murder, Allegedly Stomped Out Chrisean Fan For Saying ‘F*ck Him’

Blueface – Source: Handout / Getty

While Blueface was heading into a courtroom to fight attempted murder charges, he was arrested over an alleged robbery in Las Vegas.

Erykah Badu put her headwrap on, pulled out her deck of Tarot Cards and moonstones to ask the Universe to remove Blueface 4 days ago.

and look what happened today.

— Boochie Da Sleeze. (@stoppfeenin) June 7, 2023

On Thursday, Blueface was due to appear in court for the charges that stemmed from a November 2022 altercation when the rapper allegedly shot a man in retaliation for making fun of him.

As he was headed into the courthouse, however, the Las Vegas authorities sprung a surprise on the rapper.

According to TMZ, the famous crip was arrested for an alleged robbery on May 29th. The alleged altercation happened inside the Palms Casino when a female fan approached Blueface and his pregnant girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

ppl forget children are sponges … they soak up whatever environment they are raised in. this child clearly has seen his father physically assault ppl and is therefore acting accordingly; as blueface is clearly normalizing those behaviors

— cennedi (@paracosmetic) June 8, 2023

The fan was excited to meet Chrisean and while expressing her love to the Baddies star, she also revealed she isn’t fond of Blueface. Reports claim the fan said, “f*ck him,” and that’s when Miss Rock allegedly punched her in the left side of the face as Blueface snatched her phone.

“This is mine now,” authorities report that the rapper said.

Allegedly the fan retrieved her phone, but security gave her a reported vicious uppercut. To top it off, Blueface allegedly kicked the woman in the face and chest until security intervened.

Blueface in holding:

— ᦓ᭙ꫀꫀꪻ ꪻꫀꫀ 🫖 (@Tee2clever) June 7, 2023

The always viral couple reportedly dipped after the altercation and after authorities reviewed the security tapes, they put him in cuffs.

The rapper has since posted bail but the new charges surely aren’t helping his chances of maintaining his freedom. Perhaps Las Vegas just isn’t the right city for him.

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