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Boosie Calls Gunna A ‘Rat’ & Says He Wouldn’t Work With Him For $1 Billion—‘ I Hope He Never Sells Another Record’

Boosie Badazz Source: Marcus Ingram / Getty

Boosie Badazz recently ranted that he wouldn’t work with Gunna even for $1 billion because he thinks the “rat” snitched to get out of jail.

One person you can always count on to give their unfiltered opinion is Lousiana’s own Boosie Badazz. Of course, his opinions often spark outrage but he stands on them to the very end. Lately, the target of his thoughts is  Gunna. As previously reported Gunna accepted an Alford plea deal in the YSL Rico case and left the rap world split on if he snitched or not.

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

According To TMZ, Boosie feels Gunna 100% ratted on Young Thug despite his plea not impacting the impending case. When TMZ asked if he could “swallow his street pride” to work with Gunna for a billion dollars, he shut the idea down immediately.

This isn’t the first time he has spoken on Gunna’s decision to plead out of the YSL Rico case.

Previously while on the Big Homie’s House Podcast, Boosie revealed that he doesn’t want the rapper’s career to even continue.

“Gunna might be done unless he go to another country,” Boosie stated when asked. “I don’t want no rat to excel. I hope he never sell a record again. I been hurt.”

Gunna’s legal team has repeatedly explained his plea won’t impact Young Thug. Furthermore, for anyone who wants to get technical on what an Alford Plea is, it means that a defendant doesn’t admit he committed a crime, but acknowledges that it is in his best interest to plead guilty.

Source: Prince Williams/FilmMagic / Getty

Despite that, Boosie’s mind is made up.

“Thugga ain’t come out and say s**t,” Boosie continued. “Thugga ain’t coming out and saving no n***a. Thugga standing up solid in that b***h.”

Until the trial is over and a verdict is handed down we will never know how Young Thug feels and with the delays and the jury selection taking half a year, we’ll be waiting a while.

Watch Boosie explain why he has ill feelings toward Gunna below at the 33:20 mark.

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