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BOSSIP Horoscopes: Week Of August 27th

It’s a new week and we’re back with a brand new set of horoscopes to help you plan for the week ahead by checking what the stars have in store!

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert

Here’s another week of astrological forecasts, courtesy of our favorite — Psychic Zya.

Astro Overview:

The big cosmic event this week happens on the 30th when we are graced with a rare Super Blue Moon. A super moon is one that is physically larger than normal moons, while a Blue Moon means that we have two full moons in the same calendar month.Not only will this Moon be in Pisces (Virgo’s opposite) but it won’t happen again until 2032.

With this potent mix it would be great to set up an altar to any water deity (think Mermaids) and ask them for favor. You’ll also find that just being near bodies of water will stabilize your mood.

In practical terms we will all have to work to balance the esoteric with the mundane.

If you’re seeking love then this is the night that you want to be out and about or at the very least hitting the dating apps hard.

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Alright, let’s see what’s in the stars for you this week!

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


Why do you insist on using your logical mind to “think away” all of the magical signs and symbols your guardian angels have been sending you? Many of you have been having heavy prophetic dreams this summer and daily coincidences not to mention seeing Angel Numbers and hearing jaw dropping song lyrics that just fit your current reality. Work to find a balance between the mental and the metaphysical and you’ll find that you’re generally more intune and happier.
RED FLAG: The Super Blue Moon this week will have you feeling aggy…take it out in the gym or sleep it off.
SWEET SPOT: Step your aromatherapy game up this week to help calm nerves. Here’s a hint: lavender, jasmine and neroli can take you far.

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