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#BOSSIPSounds: Fresh Face Friday With Flyana Boss, The Rap Duo Behind Song Of The Summer ‘You Wish’

The last Fresh Face Friday of Black Music Month wouldn’t be complete without Flyana Boss. Their hit song “You Wish” is taking over the streets, social media, and this summer.

Source: SJ Spreng / Courtesy of vnclm

This month, we’re shining a spotlight on up-and-coming artists making their mark on the industry. If you’re new to the viral sensation Flyana Boss, let #BOSSIPSounds introduce you to the breakout stars “made of sugar, spice, Kanekalon, and cinnamon.”


Replying to @seasiebby YOU WISH OUT NOW ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS 😭 #flyanaboss #besties


The “besties that do music together” are Detroit native Bobbi Lanea and Dallas’ own Folayan Kunerede. Following that passion brought them together as college students studying music in Los Angeles.

Exchanging verses over YouTube beats became the foundation for Flyana Boss. The surprisingly introverted friends helped each other get out of their shells and into their creative bags.

“I’ve always admired Folayan’s music and her vibe. Ever since we first met, I thought, ‘Whoa, this girl’s amazing!’ She was always ahead of her time to me. I always used to do music alone,” Bobbi told HotNewHipHop.

“I used to write, produce, and record all by myself because I felt very nervous about being creative around other people. Folayan alleviated all of that because she believed in me, and she always encouraged me.”

With their latest EP released on June 16, Make It A Double, Flyana Boss flexes their undeniable lyricism and irresistible energy. “You Wish” weaves ultra quotable lyrics, fun punchlines, and carefree baddie energy over a driving piano beat.

Instead of waiting for other creators to hop on their wave, Flyana Boss turned victory laps of their biggest hit to date into a movement.


Replying to @aaronthemedium doneeeee!✨ where should we run next?! ☺️ #flyanaboss #evanblummadeit


The Brilliance Behind Flyana Boss’ Viral Videos And Rising Stars

Flyana Boss cleverly turned their fans into collaborators, taking suggestions for where they should run through next. In a series of hilarious TikToks, the artists took off through the Santa Monica promenade and pier, a train, Ikea, McDonald’s, In N Out, and Disney Land. They accepted the challenge of a church but compromised by catching their breath outside of it.


Replying to @domodoesitbest Had to catch our breath for this one, back to running soon 😂 lol comment where we need to go next. #flyanaboss #evanblummadeit


The in-your-face viral visuals evoke classics like Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands My Eyes Can See” and Missy Elliott’s “Sock It 2 Me.” However, the group’s high-energy delivery, creative camera work, and, most recently, spontaneous sprinting forge a binge-worthy style uniquely their own.

Still one of our favorite videos 😭💕

— Flyana Boss (@flyanaboss) June 29, 2023

From the queen of uniqueness!!!! We love you to infinity and beyond!!! 🚀😭💜💕

— Flyana Boss (@flyanaboss) June 30, 2023

The group takes a similarly refreshing approach to many of their catchy fan favorites. Drawing on nursery rhymes or Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” lures casual social media scrollers into their growing legion of fans. Songs like “Miss Me,” “Mango Banananas,” “Ring Around,” and “Mama Mia” flip the familiar into the free-spirited femcees’ lyrical playground.

For all the artists hoping to take off on TikTok, a meteoric rise like Flyana Boss’ is a dream come true. They already have more than 600,000 followers and 15 million likes on the platform, and those numbers are only going up from here. The charisma to make each new video for their verses endlessly entertaining is a testament to some serious star power.

the flyana boss girls are a great case study on the power of repetition during promotion

i hope they give us 20 more videos in a similar style for those same verses

if you feel like you’re tired of seeing them, good

potential consumers need to see something 7x before buying in

— ladidai 📣 follow @heyhearusout (@ladidaix) June 29, 2023

They are just so refreshingly fun, carefree, & alternative & I love them. @flyanaboss

— 𝚏𝚊𝚛𝚡𝚒𝚢𝚘. (@hausofriya) June 29, 2023

What Else Can Fans Expect From Flyana Boss?

The other half of Make It A Double, “Trashboi” is more than a hilarious ode to kissing toads before finding your prince. It shows that the beloved viral videos only scratch the surface on their immense talent. The classically trained musicians have bars, vocals, and so much more.


We dont know who needs to hear this but he’s trash. 🗑️🙃 6/16 🗑️🚮🗑️🚮🗑️🚮 #flyanaboss

♬ Trashboi dropping soon – FLYANABOSS

With authentic energy and empowering verses, every clip of the truly dynamic duo feels like a party we’re all invited to. The prolific pair will likely keeps the momentum going with more music. Flyana Boss dropped three bite-sized EPs this year, including Vitamin FB  and Boffum.

“Yeah, we’re like two chemicals in the periodic table that combust in a good way and belong together,” Bobbi said.

“We’re making music together all the time. It’s our lifeline. Flyana Boss is our whole life.”


What’s kinda funny is that @flyanaboss has done what a lot of folks WISH they could do which is to cause an actual search term on google trends (kanekalon) through clever writing and showcasing their flow

(Full 3 min video on my tiktok)

— Danny THEE Himbo 🥩💪🏼 (@Br00TaLDaN) June 27, 2023

Where should the bubbly baddies run next? It looks like Flyana Boss will soon be ready to run Hip-Hop beside all the other women currently dominating the game.

I went down a rabbit hole and yep these girls are it. I want a sold out tour next year. They got it. Personality. Talent. Style. I love when Black girls talk their shit through their art. It’s uniquely them. I’m on the train for @flyanaboss.

— Caroline “WGA Captain on Strike” Renard (@carolinerenard_) June 29, 2023

What’s your favorite Flyana Boss video?

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