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‘Brat Loves Judy’ Exclusive: The Baby’s Due Date Is Revealed!

This week’s episode of Brat Loves Judy is an exciting one because the couple get some pretty great baby news.

Source: Courtesy / WeTV

We’ve been following Brat and Judy’s parenthood journey for some time now so it’s exciting to get to see the behind the scenes moments that were really special to them, like for example, the ultrasound appointment where they got to hear the baby’s heartbeat and learn their child’s due date.

Check out an exclusive sneak preview clip from Thursday’s episode below:

We loved watching Brat’s genuine reaction to hearing the baby’s heartbeat from within her womb. While it’s clearly no big mystery that a fetal heartbeat is just part of the real evidence of a pregnancy, it’s definitely pretty surreal to experience in real life, right?! We’re curious about the rate of accuracy for those due dates too. For the moms out there — was your doctor right on the money about yours or not?

Here’s what else to expect from the episode:

Brat and Judy discover the dangers of a mature pregnancy. Judy presses Brat to write a book to generate more income, which sparks conflict about Brat working after giving birth. Judy and Latissue discuss if there is a way for her to stay in Atlanta.

The all-new episode of Brat Loves Judy airs Thursday, June 8th at 9pm EST on WeTV

Will you be watching?

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