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Call Andy, ASAP! #RHOP Reports Surface That A ‘Sesame Street’ Skirmish Took Place Between These Two Ladies

#RHOP fans are buzzing amid news that an altercation occurred during filming. This time however, it wasn’t the housewives who were allegedly brawling, it was two supporting cast members who were seen having a Sesame Street skirmish.

Source: Bravo / Bravon

As previously reported season 8 of The Real Housewives of Potomac includes two newbies; Nneka Ihim…

and Keiana Stewart.

Ihim is reported to be a full-time housewife while Stewart is said to be a friend of the show who Dr. Wendy Osefo brought on.

Now reports have surfaced that the professor’s good girlfriend was at the center of a fight with a familiar face from last season.

#RHOP Newbie Keiana Stewart Allegedly Brawled With Deborah Williams

TV Deets reports that Keiana reportedly got into an “all-out brawl” with a friend of the show Deborah Williams at an event for the launch of Ashley Darby and Gizelle Bryant’s activewear line.


Ashley shares a look at her and Gizelle’s new activewear line, “gna.” #RHOP

— TV Deets (@tvdeets) July 14, 2023

Williams, who was featured last season being compared to a Sesame Street character by Candiace Dillard Bassett…

was apparently at the event to support her friend Ashley Darby when the altercation happened.

Exclusive: #RHOP Friends Deborah And Keiana Brawl At Season 8 Filming

— TV Deets (@tvdeets) July 14, 2023

The publication reports that Candiace was confronting Deborah about her previous allegations that her husband Chris Bassett flirted with her when Keiana got in the middle of the argument.

Things then escalated and a fight ensured. Originally without footage being released from the incident, sources said that Deborah “won” the brawl.

“Deborah and Candiace had been talking s–t about each other all night,” a source close to production on The Real Housewives of Potomac told TV Deets exclusively. “Candiace was confronting Deborah about what she had been saying about Chris [Basset] and Keiana walked up and got herself involved.”


Initial footage from the incident showed security moving Karen Huger out of the way to escort Keiana out.

MESS going down in the land of #rhop while they film S8. I see a shocked Candiace, a security shoving Karen back and Mia scrambling at the end! The fight allegedly happened between a newbie and 🍪 Deborah. ALL while Princess Diana is playing in the background 😅💀

— Daily Bravo 💌 (@dailybravomail) July 14, 2023


TMZ has followed up however with clear footage of Keiana and Deborah brawling after Debora tossed a drink Candiace’s way.

According to the police report obtained by the publication, Candiace told police someone threw a drink at her while Keiana said that she was hit in the forehead with a glass before getting pulled down in the physical altercation.

The video from the fight shows Candiace picking up a bottle before Keiana and Deborah throw punches. Keiana is seen shunning Deborah for throwing a drink before she’s hit in the head with a glass.

From there things escalated and one of Deborah’s friends who was wearing yellow pulled Keiana down by her hair.

An absolutely insane fight went down between friends of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” cast members…

— TMZ (@TMZ) July 14, 2023


Lord, somebody calls Andy ASAP!

What do YOU think about the #RHOP season 8 fight?


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