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Cam’ron Leaves Social Media Divided After Calling Out Kim Kardashian For Kendall Jenner ‘Starting Five’ T-Shirt (Video)

Cam’ron is letting his thoughts be known regarding Kim Kardashian poking fun at her sister Kendall Jenner and her ex-boyfriends.

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Cam’ron Addressed Kim Kardashian On A Recent Episode Of ‘It Is What It Is’ Sports Show

The Diplomat rapper transparently spoke on Kardashian recently sporting a t-shirt that featured five of her younger sister Kendall Jenner’s ex-boyfriends while co-hosting his sports show alongside rapper Mase.

“I think the b***h got a lot of audacity — You started off f*****g Ray J. Why do people ignore that?”

He said.

“Now, you gon’ taunt your sister like she got mad d**k — she got it from you!”

Cam’ron continued by explaining that Kardashian’s “starting five” t-shirt “would be crazy.” Additionally, he explained that Kardashian has been involved with “athletes and entertainers.”

“First of all, we got the head coach, Ray J. We got Reggie Bush. Then she met that basketball player [that] wasn’t s**t — that she found out wasn’t s**t and curved that n***a. Then she slept with another athlete, then she got with Kanye and had kids. Got into an argument with Kanye, rushed to f*****g Pete Davidson…”

The rapper continued by telling Kardashian that her “lineup is wild too.”

“You got a lot of nerve, man. At least Kendall keeps…”

Cam’ron is cut off as Mase interjects but firmly concludes his thoughts.

“Don’t be acting like your sister didn’t see you do it first.”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly responded to Cam’ron’s sentiments in The Shade Room’s comment section. Many questioned why the rapper was so keen on speaking about Kardashian.

One Instagram user, @_kingtrell, wrote.
“I think Using The B word killed the message”
While Instagram user, @nahyir, added.
“Why as a grown man he speaking on a woman?…”
Then, @msjazzee, commented.
“Why is he so bothered?! Don’t he realize the nature of these sisters friendship? They clown each other all the time.”
While Instagram user, @sayyorainkk, added.
“Lmao why is he so butthurt ??? Kim was not shading Kendall, they probably laugh about it together. He’s unnecessarily pressed ”
Then, Instagram user, @xoxosierrra, questioned.
“why do men get so mad about woman living their life ”

While one user in particular defended why he addressed her.

Instagram user, @supadolo, wrote.
“Yall saying why is he speaking on it lol he’s has a sports podcast and all the n****s on the shirt play in the NBA ”
While, @iman_mtshali, added.
“She obviously wore it for this exact reason… to get people talking. Because there hasn’t been much hype around them lately”

What Sparked Cam’ron’s Public Thoughts

Cam’ron’s thoughts on Kim Kardashian were sparked after the latter took to TikTok last week with her daughter, North West. The pair shared a video captioned, “hair time.”

In the video, you could see Kardashian wearing the shirt with Kendall’s “starting five.”


hair time

♬ original sound – <3

Roomies, what do you think of Cam’ron’s remarks about Kim Kardashian?

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