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Chika Explains Why She Isn’t Sorry For Insulting Zonnique’s Two-Year-Old Child: ‘That’s Why It’s STILL F**k Your Kids’

Don’t expect Chika to issue any additional apologies for how she dragged Zonnique Pullins’ daughter Hunter online. The Alabama rapper says the energy is still “f**k your kids” because Pullins tried to “insult [her] back.”

If you’re just tuning in, Chika was in the hot seat online last weekend after her rant about a crying child on an airplane went viral. In her tweets, she called the two-year-old a “bastard” and “b***h a**” as well as a consequence of her mother’s “sexual promiscuity.”

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it’s this one for me

— ·:*¨༺˚♡˚gîchœ łīçbåkt˚♡˚ ༻¨*:· (@ichriecheblut) June 3, 2023

Zonnique and her aunt–who was traveling with Hunter and her own four-year-old–later confirmed Hunter was the target of Chika’s Twitter attacks.

But on Wednesday (June 7), Chika said giving an apology “wouldn’t be sincere” because what she wrote “wasn’t personal.”

She re-sparked the conversation about her reaction to Hunter crying by replying, “Why would I do that” to a Twitter user who asked, “Did you apologize to that mom and her children?”

“It wouldn’t be sincere. I’m sorry you saw it. I’m not sorry for saying what I said cuz it wasn’t personal. It was venting about a scenario/stranger. Idc like that,” the rapper wrote in one tweet. “Plus, shorty tried to insult me back so at THAT point, we even. She wasn’t even on the flight.”

As seen above, Zonnique had thrown shots Chika’s way following her scathing rant. At the time,” she tweeted, “Wait, I’m in tearsssss not Chika Boo was mad my child was cutting up in first class. You should have just sat there and been mad, babe…she sky priority af.” 

Though the rapper appears reluctant to apologize, she previously admitted that her Twitter rant was “real mean.” However, she stood ten toes on the belief that the “response is disproportionate to the mistake.” She suggested using the platform to express her frustration kept her from suicidal ideation.

Chika Takes Aim At ‘Funky’ Smell Allegations Zonnique’s Aunt Made Online

In her recent Twitter talk, Chika spoke about the aunt’s reaction–calling her a nanny.

“It was some nanny. But anyways, not talking about it anymore. This internet sh*t ain’t real. Hate me if you want to, but don’t be deluded enough to think I give a frosted mini-f**k about how you feel about me. You dk me. Tell your therapist or tweet it out like I did,” the rapper tweeted on Wednesday.

Days ago, the aunt took to Instagram to respond to the artist. She mentioned Chika’s alleged stinky smell on the plane and her compliments about the little girls before the alleged manic episode.

In one comment, the aunt wrote:

“I can’t believe you are that insensitive when she woke up once on a 5hr flight from LA. And second off, it wasn’t your seat from the beginning you switched with someone else and sat your fat a** next to me, and let me express the funk that you brought on top of that! crazy sh*t was it was you in my ear saying those girls are so good before she woke up out her sleep scared crying because it was pitch black and her TV had gone off, so she was startled.”

Chika addressed the comments about her smell for the second time in less than a week. She denied having a funky body odor, claiming she showered 30 minutes before boarding the flight. The rapper clapped back at someone who called her a “musty heaux,” writing, “Imagine commenting on the scent of someone you can’t afford to sit beside.” 

“btw, like I said on my story: Shawty was tryna get her lick back cuz I called her and her children a plethora of names in jest. But b***h, I showered 30 min prior to boarding and my clothes were fresh out the dryer. You saw fat & thought, ‘lemme attribute a smell to her body.”

Not letting up, Chika continued to fire off tweets about the situation–primarily responding to people tweeting her.

“and that’s why it’s STILL f**k your kids. I complained (rudely) for a real reason. You and your busted a** nanny just chose to be trash & lie on the internet. Again, choke.”


do i personally know the children? does them being children make it personal? i’m not understanding your stupid ass point.

— CHIKA (to some) (@oranicuhh) June 8, 2023

not being sorry doesn’t make me a “ViCtiM,” i just don’t respond to bullying as a form of rehabilitation. all of y’all can suck my clit. that’s where i stand on the issue.

learn to maturely make a point without insulting people intentionally if you want the same in return. tf?

— CHIKA (to some) (@oranicuhh) June 8, 2023

no, never claimed to be right. only explicitly stated that i do not give a singular fuck about anyone’s feelings/opinions but my own.

y’all can be selfish in your stance, SO CAN I.

— CHIKA (to some) (@oranicuhh) June 8, 2023

imagine performing desirability for strangers.

y’all are new here. my world doesn’t revolve around proving anything. my followers know i been tweeting like this.

we have fun over here.

— CHIKA (to some) (@oranicuhh) June 8, 2023

Zonnique has not publicly reacted to Chika’s latest set of tweets.

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