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Child Shot By Mississippi Cop After Calling 911 Details Lingering Terrors: ‘I Can See Myself Inside The Coffin’

Aderrien Murry — the 11-year-old who was shot by Sergeant Greg Capers after calling 911 in Indianola, Mississippi — is speaking out as he continues down the road to recovery.

Meanwhile, his family has filed a $5M federal lawsuit and is calling for justice.

My client Aderrien Murry is blessed to be home and alive. He’s a remarkable young man and did not deserve to be shot as a 11 year old innocent child by an Indianola cop named Greg Capers. #JusticeForAderrienMurry

— Attorney Carlos Moore (@Esquiremoore) May 25, 2023

Aderrien Murry Was Left With A “Hole In His Chest” After Calling 911

The child, who made headlines after being shot earlier this month, spoke on the matter during a sit-down with CNN.

For context, it’s important to note that Aderrien had called 911 after his mother, Nakala Murry, was accosted by an angry ex-boyfriend at around 4 a.m. on May 20.

After authorities arrived at the home, Capers instructed everyone to exit with their hands raised. Aderrien was shot while complying with these orders, and the bodycam footage hasn’t been publicly released.

The illustrated story of 11 year old Aderrien Murry — shot in the chest by officer Greg Capers who did not protect or serve that night.#SaveMississippi

— Christopher Webb (@cwebbonline) May 26, 2023

While introducing the child, correspondent Nick Valencia summarized his condition by noting, “He’s still recovering from the hole in his chest after he was shot by a police officer.”

Aderrien — accompanied by his mother, Nakala Murry — then detailed the lingering psychological trauma that the ordeal left him with. In fact, he says he can picture himself “laying inside the coffin” when nightfall creeps in.

“Sometimes, I can see myself laying inside the coffin. Those are my thoughts at night, my only ones. And sometimes I think people are watching me, but my main thought is me dead.”

According to Valencia, Aderrien “started to tell his mother his last words” after Capers shot him.

Meet Sgt. Greg Capers of the Indianola Police Department. He’s the cop that shot 11 year old unarmed Aderrien Murry after the boy called 911 for help for his mom. To this day, neither the officer nor city has given the family any explanation why. #JusticeForAderrienMurry

— Attorney Carlos Moore (@Esquiremoore) May 26, 2023

The Family Is Fighting For Justice While The Mayor Waits For “All The Facts”

In the face of Murry’s continual hardships from the incident, his mother filed a $5M federal lawsuit against the city and its police department.

Additionally, she and Murry want Capers to be fired and “never to work as a police officer in this country.”

The family’s attorney, Carlos Moore, then shared some commentary about how Aderrien is “trying to stay in good spirits.”

“He is trying to stay in good spirits… He is blessed to be alive, and he gives all praise to God.”

As for Capers, Moore blasted the officer for not properly assessing the situation before firing his gun. It was also pointed out that Capers was a “veteran officer” named Policeman of the Year in 2021.

“[Aderrien] came within an inch of losing his life, and that is why we have filed that $5M lawsuit.”

However, in a statement to CNN, Indianola Mayor Ken Featherstone made it clear that he “cannot support the firing of [Capers] before knowing all the facts.”

In the meantime, Capers has been placed on leave pending investigation. He hasn’t made any public statements on the matter.

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