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Chinfluencer Natalie Nunn Reacts To Nicki Minaj Name-Dropping Her On Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘Endless Fashion’

Natalie Nunn responded to Nicki Minaj’s “chin-check” joke on Lil Uzi Vert’s “Endless Fashion” and the chinfamous reality icon proved when she’s not acting bad, she can take a joke.

Source: Prince Williams/ NDZ/Star Max / Getty

Nicki Minaj had everyone talking about her feature on her latest feature with Lil Uzi Vert. The lead single of Uzi’s new album, Pink Tape, flexes fun wordplay, including a bar referencing the Baddies: East executive producer.

“Ayo, even if my name was Natalie, none of these b*tches still couldn’t chin-check me,” Nicki rapped.

The Pink Friday star’s punchlines pull no punches, but getting name-dropped in one is still iconic. After Natalie’s name trended from the lyric, she responded the next day on Instagram Live. Instead of taking offense, she poked fun at herself and the new level of chinternational fame.

“Shout-out to Nicki for the shout-out. I already told y’all this chin was, like, literally international,” she said, not taking herself too seriously.

“my chin makes millions” – natalie nunn (2010)

— zachariah (@airtightangelic) June 30, 2023

If there are two things the OG baddie knows how to do, it’s securing a bag and seizing an opportunity. Natalie made it clear that she is ready for her close-up whenever Uzi and Nicki shoot the visuals.

“This chin has been making noise for years, and I love it here. And I hope if Nicki does a music video that I could be in it,” she added.

“I LOVE YOU @nickiminaj PLEASE COME HOST THE BADDIES REUNION NOW IM ASKING PLEASEEEEEEE NICKI I LOVE YOU,” the Bad Girls Club alum wrote in a post on Instagram.

Natalie couldn’t make it through an epic reality tv career without thick skin, and it shows. On Twitter, she continued showing love for the track, encouraging Baddies supporters to run it up.

I love u @NICKIMINAJ #natalienunn baddies fans make sure y’all stream it runs those numbers up for the queen like we do the 91 million streams on baddies !!

— natalie nunn (@missnatalienunn) June 30, 2023

The last season of Natalie’s Zues Network franchise brought it 91 million views, so they can definitely show up and show out for this song.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that Natalie secures such an elite east coast baddie to host the reunion. Nicki already proved she can hold down a hosting spot with her Andi-conda takeover for the RHOP season 6 finale.

I can’t lie, Natalie Nunn real for this comment🦄

— ➰ᴺᴹ (@KingSeanSwae) June 30, 2023

What do you think of Uzi’s “Endless Fashion” featuring Niki Minaj? What’s your favorite track on Pink Tape?

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