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Christian Cooper Talks New Nat Geo Birdwatching Show And Viral Central Park Karen

Source: SOPA Images / Getty

You might not remember the name Christian Cooper but you definitely remember what he went through in front of the entire world. Cooper is the birdwatching Black man who was set upon by a vile Karen in NYC’s Central Park in a viral video back in 2020. May 25, 2020, to be specific, the same day that George Floyd was murdered.

Since that time, Cooper’s public profile has gone through the roof for the better and according to Blavity, he’s preparing to release a new book, Better Living Through Birding: Notes From a Black Man in the Natural World, and host a new Nat Geo show called Extraordinary Birder with Christian Cooper.

Cooper is quick to admit that when his sister uploaded the infamous video it was, “a little disorienting” but also says that his unexpected role in the summer of social justice provided him the opportunity to, “say some things that need to be said and to bring out some things that need to be brought forward.”

Amen to that.

As the host of the new Nat Geo nature show, Cooper says that he wants to not only explore nature but also call attention to the fact that birds all around the world are dying and need protection. For example, while many would rightfully consider Hawaii a tropical paradise, Cooper emphasizes how the environment is suffering as, “three quarters of their native birds have already gone extinct.”

“We’ve lost a third of our birds in North America in my lifetime.” Cooper explained. “That’s something we need to stop and reverse. And by doing that, we’re not only helping the birds but helping ourselves.”

You can catch Extraordinary Birder on Nat Geo, Hulu, and Disney+ now and you can find Christian’s book everywhere books are sold.

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