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‘Claim To Fame’ Exclusive: Eddie Murphy’s Daughter Shayne Speaks On Her Shocking Elimination & ‘Intimidating’ Monay Friendship

Source: ABC / John Fleenor

A stunning standout is speaking about her time on a fame-based reality competition series and her infamous father.

Shayne Murphy, the daughter of Eddie Murphy, was the latest contestant booted off of ABC’s Claim To Fame.

Source: ABC / John Fleenor

As previously reported, Claim To Fame, hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, centers around a group of contestants with celebrity relatives who compete for a $100,000 prize. The competitors are challenged to keep their famous relatives a secret while also trying to guess who their co-stars’ family members are, all while sequestered in a house together with no access to clue-aiding Internet and social media.

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— Claim To Fame (@ClaimToFameABC) June 26, 2023

For Shayne, her journey ended early after several of her housemates deciphered clues about her famous relative who starred on Saturday Night Live, Coming To America, and played the character, Buckwheat. Ultimately it was her friend Cole whom she was seen bonding with throughout the season who sent her packing. The move shocked social media and Shayne’s housemates alike.

Below Shayne tells BOSSIP about her shocking elimination and her famed father’s reaction to seeing her on reality TV.

We saw what happened on Monday’s episode and people had a lot to say on social media. How has it been seeing the fan reactions to what went down?

Honestly, I’m just relieved that it’s all over. I didn’t know how it was gonna go. I just, have a lot of pride and ego, so I was not looking forward to seeing myself leave on TV but, that’s part of it.

Source: ABC / John Fleenor

It was a huge plot twist because your house boyfriend, house husband, cuddle partner Cole…

Yeah, don’t call him that. My fellow contestant…

We’ll call him your fellow contestant. What was going through your mind when he called your name and then correctly guessed that your dad was Eddie Murphy?

I was mad. I feel like I understood where he was coming from because I knew that I was the sure shot in the house, but I was just trying to be hopeful that he wouldn’t [eliminate me]. I also knew that I wasn’t gonna get too much further. So every elimination, honestly, I was very nervous. So this was a lot further than I was expecting to go. It wasn’t completely unexpected.

Do you regret picking him as the guesser?

Honestly, we probably should have just gone with Hugo, and gave Hugo Cole’s information. That probably would’ve been the smartest decision, but I was trying to think a little bit further ahead and thought Cole could be somebody that I could work with so I just didn’t wanna give him up that quickly. It probably would’ve been smarter to do that.

What did your dad think about you being on the show? He had such a sweet message for you after your elimination, has he watched?

He was very invested. He was watching in real time and he was really enjoying the show. We just went to Hawaii and we all, I think the third episode together. We had like a watch party in his room, like the whole family. He’s enjoying it with everyone else.

People on Twitter have been talking about you and Monay and this dynamic duo that you two had going on.

What do you think about people trying to break you guys up in the house because they felt like you two were too powerful?

I think sometimes two strong black women coming together can be intimidating. I don’t think we were doing anything that anyone else from the house wasn’t doing, but it stuck out for some reason more with us. So they ultimately wanted to get us out because of it.

Source: ABC / John Fleenor

What was your strategy for playing this game? At one point, you were admittedly just doodling in your book but going into the game, what was your thought process?

Going into it, was intending going under the radar for as long as possible just because I like watch a lot of competition shows, like Big Brother and The Challenge. And I feel like people who usually go into these shows super hot and try to do too much too soon, those are usually the people that get eliminated first.


So I was trying to just like go in and chill and get to know everybody because I feel like being social is like a very big part of this game. But Travis, he just happened to pick my clue first and that just kind of messed my game up. That was unexpected, so yeah, he messed up my gameplay for sure.

Who do you think is playing the game the best? Who is being the most strategic in the house?

I would say probably somebody like Gabriel and somebody like Hugo, just because when you’re in the house, those, for me at least felt like two people that I could trust just cause they really felt like they wanted me to stick around with them. So yeah. Just seeing them play the middle a little bit more than I thought they were, I respect it a hundred percent. I just def definitely wasn’t expecting to see it.

Source: ABC / John Fleenor

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