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Clean Cut NLE Choppa Covers Cassius, Charismatically Chats About Vegan Lifestyle, Continued Success—‘I Already Know I’m The Greatest’

If NLE Choppa “was a bad b***” he’d be on the cover of Cassius too, and today he’s gracing the publication with a candid interview.

Source: Bexx Francois / CassiusLife

The Memphis rapper, 21, is covering Cassius’ Black Music Month issue and telling writer William Ketchum about his recent lifestyle changes and bubbling music career.

Source: Bexx Francois / Courtesy of CASSIUS

After first going viral in 2019 thanks to his “Shotta Flow” he’s stacked enough hits to dismiss any one hit-wonder concerns. His latest, “Slut Me Out 2”, is so buzzy that it’s been a hot topic of discussion just the 17 songs featured on his Certified project that earned gold or platinum plaques for sales and streams.

One hit wonder where?

According to NLE, he knows that this is just the beginning and he’s excited about what’s to come.

“The best part about it is just knowing how much legroom I have to become the greatest at this s***,” he told Cassius. “I feel like I already know I’m the greatest when I look in the mirror. My head is on right, I got enough accolades, and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Source: Bexx Francois / Courtesy of CASSIUS

Beyond speaking on his music, the rapper said that he’s leaning into a holistic lifestyle centered around veganism and God, despite his rambunctious lyrics.

“A lot of people go through the same things I go through, but some people just withhold certain images that they just want to keep a hold of,” he told Cassis. “Which is cool, I just don’t want to cut nobody short of who I can help,” Choppa said. “…At least be a balance. I’m not perfect, I promote certain sh-t sometimes. But there’s a lot of good that people can take away about me as well.”

Source: Bexx Francois / Courtesy of CASSIUS

He also detailed his decision to give up drugs and alcohol.

“I did a lot of self-reflecting,” he said. “Changed my personality, stopped hanging around certain people. That’s why I say the pandemic was one of the most important parts of my life… Just knowing that I had a daughter conceived at the moment, it really made me grow up.”

Source: Bexx Francois / Courtesy of CASSIUS

Read NLE Choppa’s full Cassius cover story HERE.


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