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DeVon Franklin Says It Doesn’t ‘Upset’ Him Seeing Ex-Wife Meagan Good With Jonathan Majors: ‘She’s Happy. That’s A Blessing’ (Video)

DeVon Franklin is sharing his feelings post-divorce from Meagan Good. Additionally, the author and motivational speaker is also sharing his reaction to seeing his ex-wife with actor Jonathan Majors.

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DeVon Franklin Talks Healing After Divorce From Meagan Good

Franklin appeared as a guest on Power 105.1’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ Thursday. He transparently explained how he’s been healing since his divorce from Meagan Good in 2022, as reported by The Shade Room.

“Mentally, I’m doing much better. But… there are nights where I’m crying myself to sleep. There are moments when I’ve been angry, but I’ve allowed myself to feel whatever I’ve felt in order to heal; because, in my experience, when I’m not facing what I’m feeling then, I’m trying to find something else to help me get through the pain.”

Additionally, Franklin reflected on the novel that he and Good published together, in 2015, during their marriage. The book is called ‘The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love Of Your Life and The Life You Love.’ In it, the former couple shared their tips for utilizing abstinence to find their most compatible match. As well as other relationship and dating advice.

Franklin explained that he doesn’t regret writing the book. He knows it will help other couples and people navigate their romance issues.

“Of course, I don’t regret that. We wrote that book… We put that message into the world from a place of love, and that’s where we were… and I think that’s the challenge with life — to look in the rearview instead of the front view.”

Franklin then confirmed that he and Good are still friends.

“Of course. The love for us is not gone away; it’s just changed forms…”

Franklin Talks Seeing His Ex-Wife With Actor Jonathan Majors

Later in the interview, ‘The Breakfast Club hosts questioned Franklin, asking whether it “upsets” him to see his ex-wife “out and about” with Jonathan Majors.

“Upset me? No, no. She’s happy. That’s a blessing…”

Franklin explained that he has no “ill will” against Majors. Then explained that he believes if he were to put out negative energy toward Good’s companion, it would only be returned to him.

“There’s no hate… there are feelings, but I’ll leave it at that.”

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