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‘Doubling Down With The Derricos’ Exclusive Clip: The DNA Test Results Are In—Is Amani GG’s Grandchild?


Karen and Deon Derrico are continuing to let America meet their beautiful BIG family on  Doubling Down With The Derricos and BOSSIP’s got an exclusive look at the latest episode.

Source: TLC / Doubling Down With The Derricos

Doubling Down which airs Tuesdays at 10 PM ET/PT on TLC, follows Karen and her husband Deon as they navigate life with fourteen kids, including four sets of naturally conceived multiples.

Navigating life with 14 kids is never easy but in season 4 the Derricos are facing brand new challenges. With the kids getting older and the house getting smaller, Karen and Deon are tasked with house hunting for 16 and the overcrowding at the current Derrico household is causing Deon’s OCD to go through the roof.

Not only that, but Darian’s quest for teenage independence leads her to seek out her first job. Deon takes on the task of teaching the triplets how to ride a bike. Karen starts a clothing line, and Deon goes on a diet. GG’s health battle continues as she faces her cancer head on – along with the online dating world.

Doubling Down With The Derricos Exclusive Clip

In an exclusive clip from tonight’s new episode, GG, and Deon are anxiously awaiting the DNA results to find out if Amani is related to them.

Source: TLC / Doubling Down With The Derricos

GG is ecstatic at the possibility of having a new grandson –but Deon is admittedly nervous.

“I don’t know ma, I”m just scared,” he says. “I think I’ve put too much into this.”

GG however is undeterred.

“It is what it’s gonna be.”

She then admits in a confessional that she’s certain that Amani is her grandchild because of the traits he shares with his late dad, Chris.

“In my heart of hearts, I already know he’s Chris’ child,” she says before the moment of truth. “He’s got Chris’ eyes and then Chis had what we in the Black community call ‘good hair’ or ‘nice grade of hair’, Amani got that.”

Despite her confidence, GG says she would be upset if the DNA results prove otherwise.

“If Amani is not to be my grandson I would be disappointed,” says GG. “Because it’s painful enough having lost Chris, then only to be let down with the fact that he’s not Chris’ son, that’s the kind of pain you just don’t want to keep having to relive.”

Take an exclusive look below.



A new episode of Doubling Down With The Derricos airs tonight, June 13 at 10 PM ET/PT on TLC.

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