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Drake Calls Donald Glover’s ‘This Is America’ An ‘Overrated’ & ‘Over-Awarded’ Song Amid Claims It Started As A ‘Drake Diss’

Drake – Source: Marcelo Hernandez / Getty

Drake responded to Donald Glover’s claim “This Is America” started as a diss towards him, calling the song ‘overrated’ & ‘over-awarded’.

This week Drake hit the road with 21 Savage for their It’s All A Blur tour, Drizzy’s first in five years. The show kicked off in Chicago and even featured a larger-than-life statue of the late hometown hero Virgil Abloh. While on stage the screens underneath Drizzy had a lot to say. While he performed “Headlines” underneath him ran actual headlines involving the rapper. One, in particular, was a quote from Donald Glover claiming “This Is America” started as a diss towards Drake. On the screens, Drake called the song “overrated” and “over-awarded”.

Drake called “This Is America” “overrated and over-awarded” at the first show of his tour after Childish Gambino said it was initially a Drake diss.

“The overrated and over-awarded hit song ‘This Is America’ was originally a Drake diss record.” 👀

— No Jumper (@nojumper) July 6, 2023

A Childish Gambino diss track targeting Drake seems random but Drizzy has rapped for years about other artists smiling in his face while plotting on him. Donald Glover volunteered the background on the record in an Interview with GQ.

“I had the idea three years before,” he says in a video interview with GQ. “I told [director] Hiro [Murai] the idea, and he’s like, ‘I really want to do that.’ The idea for the song started as a joke. To be completely honest, ‘This is America’ — that was all we had was that line. It started as a Drake diss, to be honest, as like a funny way of doing it. But then I was like, this sh*t sounds kind of hard though. So I was like, let me play with it.”

The title of the record being used as a diss towards a Canadian would be fire but the 6 God smoke might be too much for Donald Glover. If not, maybe this will prompt him to get in the studio and throw some bars across the border.

Drake called This Is America “overrated and over awarded” at the first show of his tour after Childish Gambino said it was originally a Drake diss 👀

— SK⚡️ (@raptalksk) July 6, 2023

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