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Drama Unleashed: JT and Lil Uzi Vert’s Explosive Clash at the 2023 BET Awards…Over Ice Spice?

Things got wild at the 2023 BET Awards when JT and her boyfriend Lil Uzi Vert got into a heated argument that turned physical right in the middle of the show! The whole incident was caught on camera, and it’s left folks shook, dying to know what went down. Somehow, Ice Spice’s name has been thrown in the mix. More inside…

What in the…?!

City Girls rapper JT and her rapper boyfriend Lil Uzi Vert found themselves entangled in a heated argument that escalated into a physical altercation during the middle of the 2023 BET Awards ceremony.

The incident, caught on camera, sent shockwaves through the audience and left everyone wondering what led to the huge blow up and the Internet believes Ice Spice may have had something to do with it. Video footage from the event captures the intense moment as the “Act Bad” raptress confronts the “Just Wanna Rock” rapper, screaming at him from a few feet away. Emotions run high as she hurls her cellphone and strikes the Philly rapper.

“F*cking goofy. B*tch, don’t ever try me like that. B*tch a** n***a,” JT is heard yelling at Uzi.

Yikes. She can also be heard saying she’s “done” with him, alluding that she’s calling it quits with their relationship.

Watch their exchange below:


JT throws her phone at Lil Uzi Vert allegedly because he was talking to Ice Spice

— Daily Loud (@DailyLoud) June 26, 2023


Below is another angle:


This the video they need to show from JT and uzi

— Luther Van Gimme Dem Jaws (@QUEEN___chink) June 26, 2023


As the altercation unfolds, JT swiftly makes her way up the aisle, with Lil Uzi trailing behind her. Watch below:


we need to know what happened between JT, Lil Uzi Vert and Ice spice. #BETAwards

— ONIKA MARAJ (@reyhvnne) June 26, 2023


So, what triggered this explosive outburst? Speculation suggests that JT’s anger stemmed from Uzi’s onstage mention of Ice Spice during his performance, coupled with a photo op the two had taken together earlier. See below:


Lil Uzi said this about ice spice in his song and JT decided to break up with him at the bet awards

— Qura (@Qurandale) June 26, 2023




Whatever the exact cause, it was clear that JT took offense and was not about to let it slide.

Despite the altercation, it seems that the fiery duo managed to patch things up to some extent, as later footage shows them seated together in the front row. The couple was also spotted leaving together:


JT & Lil Uzi Vert leaving BET Awards [ Frank Vasquez]

— Heart of the streetz (@HOTS_twt) June 26, 2023


Well, alright.

Photos: Getty Images for BET

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