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Drew Sidora Opens Up About Her And Ralph Pittman’s Split On ‘RHOA’ Finale: ‘I Lost My Voice In The Marriage’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 15 finale aired on Sunday night (Aug. 27), and fans finally saw Drew Sidora‘s divorce from Ralph Pittman officially begin to play out on the show.

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The Ongoing Situation Between Drew Sidora & Ralph Pittman Makes Its RHOA Debut

Viewers saw various issues between the pair bubble up in the episode, including Ralph sleeping in the guest room and his reaction to Drew’s conflict with his “cousin,” Courtney Rhodes.

However, the pair appeared to be keepin’ things cool still when filming wrapped on Jan. 28, though cameras picked back up on Mar. 1 after the divorce news broke.

In a confessional filmed on Mar. 3, Drew Sidora opened up about the ordeal, and she remarked that — although their problems were nothing new — they “were just not getting better.”

“It has been a lot of things that have been happening over the course of the marriage, and, honestly, things were just not getting better.”

She further elaborated, proclaiming she “lost [her] voice in the marriage” and “allowed things that no woman should ever allow.”

“I allowed him having inappropriate relationships with women. I allowed Tampa.”

At one point, a producer asked Drew, “What do you think your life is going to look like without Ralph in it?”

She grew emotional and remarked, “I can’t do this. It’s too new.”

As for Ralph, he appeared in a confessional interview taped on Mar. 4, though his lawyer advised him not to spill the deets behind their separation.

The Cast Get Into Rumors Of Drew Having A Tryst With Ty Young

As The Shade Room reported, news of Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman’s divorce broke earlier this year. Initial reports posited that Ralph Pittman was the one to file, though it was later unveiled that Drew made it to the courthouse an hour before her estranged husband.

On the RHOA finale, Sidora provided further insight into the situation.

“The lawyer he got went to the media, and that’s why the headline was he filed. It was, like, so messy. And then, as they got court documents, they saw I actually got [there] 61 minutes before.”

Additionally, viewers got to see Drew’s cast mates react to the news — and some of them spilled some extra tea about the speculation surrounding the matter.

Marlo Hampton mentioned rumors about Drew dating former WNBA athlete Ty Young, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Mimi Faust‘s ex.

“What the streets is sayin’ is that she’s dating Ty, the basketball player [who’s] Mimi’s ex.”

Kandi Burruss Tucker shared that Drew “met Ty on set” while filming The Pass, and she also explained, “The rumor mills say Ty and Drew hooked up.”

It’s worth adding that, according to Monyetta Shaw-Carter, Drew referred to Ty as her “crush” at an event.

Courtney went particularly hard in a hot mic moment as she brought up Drew “pushing” for Ralph to adopt her oldest child, Josiah while mentioning the rumor.

“Now we see why she was pushing so hard for that adoption. Because she was like, ‘Adopt this child so I can go be in my gay lover relationship and you pay the bills.’”

Ralph also shared some cryptic comments about Drew’s bond with Ty.

“Ty and Drew, they have a ‘friendship’ together. And that’s pretty much as far as I can actually say. I can’t talk about it.”

Ahead of the episode ending, Drew went as far as to suggest that Ralph started the Ty Young rumor himself.

“I believe it was Ralph [who leaked it]. He started to conjure up things that I may be doing, and it was various things. And this allegation was one.”

Her epilogue card noted that Drew and Ralph “continue to cohabitate in their home and co-parent their children.”

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