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Dwight Howard Sued For Alleged Assault & Battery By Man He Met Through Instagram

Dwight Howard – Source: Gene Wang / Getty

Dwight Howard is facing a lawsuit that accuses the former Lakers Champ of allegedly trying to force a man from instagram to have a threesome.

Former Laker Dwight Howard is currently playing over seas and from his social media seems to be having the time of his life. While he is employed over seas he is having a little bit of drama back home. According to RadarOnline, he is being sued for allegedly trying to physically force a man into a threesome. To make matters worse the suit claims Howard barely knew the man and they met via Instagram. The two reportedly met after the man Stephen Harper sent Howard his number to which he received a devil emoji to his number. Allegedly the conversation turned sexual and Howard allegedly sent Harper a disclaimer.

“Now I want you to know I’m not like gay or anything. I’m jus a lil nasty sometimes. Ion wanna offend you.”

Dwight Howard Sued For Alleged Assault & Battery By Man He Met On Instagram

On July 19, 2021 the alleged lawsuit encounter took place after Harper was invited to Dwight’s home. Harper allegedly took an Uber to the Georgia residence when things went south quickly. Allegedly Dwight began pitching a threesome while Harper was enroute and when he arrived continued. When he arrived him and Dwight began hooking up before a man reportedly dressed as a woman named “Kitty” arrived. According to Harper soon after “Kitty” put on a pornographic film and then engaged in sexual acts with Dwight. Dwight allegedly began touching Harper who verbally said “no” and upset Dwight. Reportedly Dwight proclaimed Harper was “going to do whatever” and was “going to like it”.

“Defendant stood up (towering over Mr. Harper), grabbed Mr. Harper by the thighs, forcibly removed Mr. Harper’s underwear, held Mr. Harper down, and performed nonconsensual oral sex on Mr. Harper,” the suit read. “Mr. Harper was in fear of imminent bodily harm when he was pinned down and forced to remain in place while Defendant continued to sexually assault him.”

The suit claims Kitty “anally penetrated” Howard while he shoved his penis into Harpers mouth against his will. Harper alleges after they finished he got dressed and called an Uber. He claims he was left feeling “extremely violated and humiliated and was in complete shock”. Furthermore, This is not the first time Dwight has faced allegations or a lawsuit.

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