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Dwyane Wade Reveals He & Gabrielle Union Started Going 50/50 On Bills After THIS Argument

Dwyane Wade is finally speaking up after his wife revealed their controversial financial arrangement.

Source: Taylor Hill / Getty

When Gabrielle Union made an appearance on the Bloomberg Originals series Idea Generation a few weeks ago, she briefly mentioned how she and Wade split bills in their household. After the actress revealed that she and her husband split everything 50/50, the internet went crazy, with a lot of folks confused about why she’d put up with such an agreement.

Now, the retired NBA star is speaking out about the controversy, revealing exactly why the two of them decided to split their finances down the middle. Wade sat down for an interview on the Club Shay Shay podcast with Shannon Sharpe, where he told the story of exactly how they started splitting bills 50/50.

According to the Utah Jazz minority owner, the 50/50 conversation began after he said it was “my house that I paid for,” during an argument with Union when they lived in Miami years ago.

“My wife looked at me and said ‘You will never say that to me again when it’s something that we share,’” Wade recalled. “So when we moved to (Los Angeles) my wife said ‘I got half on it you will never say ‘my house’ again – you can say that in the arena!’”

He went on to explain what exactly they split down the middle, including their house and shared expenses for their 4-year-old daughter, Kaavia. They don’t go halves when it comes to individual family expenses, which on Wade’s part includes his kids from previous relationships, which include Zaire, 21, and Zaya, 16 − with ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches, as well as son Xavier, 9, with Aja Métoyer.

Wade also said they signed a prenup to protect their finances.

“I told her the same way, ‘I’ll sign a prenup too,” he recalled. “You’re a millionaire. You got money. You work hard for yourself.’”

As for how the retired baller feels about Union telling their business online, he jokes that it’s completely out of his control.

“I don’t make my wife do anything, if I could, we wouldn’t be in the headlines all the time,” he joked after Sharpe mentioned how fans online were saying Wade “makes” his wife go 50/50.

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