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Dwyane Wade’s 50/50 Agreement With Gabrielle Union Began After Reminder That HE Paid For Their Home

Following Gabrielle Union’s revealing that she and Dwyane Wade split their bills down the middle, the NBA star is giving further insight into the matter.

Specifically, he’s sharing that the arrangement began after he reminded Gabrielle that he was the one who paid for the home they shared. In turn, Union declared she’d “never” allow this to happen again.

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Dwyane Wade Says The Couple Takes Care Of Their Own “Responsibilities”

During an interview with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay that aired on Monday, Dwyane noted that a big part of the 50/50 dynamic involves each party taking care of their respective responsibilities.

“Let’s say I have 20-50 responsibilities, and my wife has 20-50 responsibilities. And when I say that, that means she has a mother, she has her sisters, she has her dad—she has a lot of things that she’s responsible for.”

Wade added, “She pays for 100% of that. You know what I do? I pay 100% of my life.”

Further explaining how this arrangement came to be, Dwyane shared that it stemmed from him previously letting Gabrielle know that he paid for their home in Miami in an attempt to put his foot down.

“We decided together. Because I think one time in Miami, I said something about it being my house that I pay for.”

In response, Dwyane Wade says a shocked Gabrielle Union declared that she would put half down on their LA home, as she declared, “You will never say ‘My house’ again.”

He went on to note that the couple’s arrangement isn’t an issue because Gabrielle has been “an independent woman her whole life.”

“If we take a yacht trip, we can do it 50/50…My wife is a working woman. She’s a boss and an independent woman her whole life.”

Dwyane also added that while he may cover a particular expense, Gabrielle will often opt to “throw something else on that” to upgrade their overall experience and “ball out.”

He wrapped by noting, “We decided that [with] certain pieces of our life, we would share [the expenses].”

Gabrielle Union Says The 50/50 Arrangement Brings Her “Peace”

As The Shade Room previously reported, Gabrielle called the matter to public attention last month.

While dishing on overcoming her financial “anxiety” and overall “scarcity mindset,” Union noted that she and Wade “split everything 50/50” in their household.

Later, Gabrielle provided further insight into the arrangement. Within an Instagram upload alongside her boo, Union proclaimed, “I love when he matches my energy, 50/50 over here.”

Shortly thereafter, Gabrielle Union responded to a relationship therapist who chimed in on the matter, and she let it be known that the arrangement provides “peace and support.”

“Every household is different, and doing what’s best for you and yours is the key…We both come from families that step up to help care for children or elderly relatives. So being able to be with someone who meets me halfway and lightens my load gives me peace and support.”

The Bring It On actress added, “He’s offered to cover me, trust, but that’s not my ministry nor brings me peace…You just gotta find what’s right for you that brings YOU peace. I found mine.”

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