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Egregiously Unenthused Nikola Jokić Reveals He Just ‘Wants To Go Home’ When Asked About Celebrating The Denver Nuggets’ First NBA Championship

Nikola Jokic – Source: AAron Ontiveroz / Getty

Nikola Jokić isn’t shying away from letting the world know he’s ready to be home in Siberia after winning the 2023 NBA Finals.

Over the past three NBA seasons, there has been an open debate if Nikola Jokić is the best player in the NBA.

Of course, some people will never agree no matter what he does. Jokić started out this season as the reigning two-time Most Valuable Player. He had a chance to make history this season winning his third in a row but unfortunately, Joel Embiid stole that from him. Last night Nikola got the last laugh as he carried the Denver Nuggets to the franchise’s first-ever NBA Championship. To top it off he also won the Finals MVP shutting up all his doubters.

In the post-game press conference, you would expect him to have a few words for his haters but what he said instead will certainly surprise you.

“The job is done. We can go home now,” Jokić said when asked how it feels to win the NBA championship and MVP.

“I’m gonna ask Josh [Nuggets Chairman] to give me the plane,” Jokić said while on the NBA TV panel postgame. “I’ll put him under the pressure. I don’t feel bad at all.”

Nikola Jokic is worried about making it back home in time to see his horse race because of the parade, puts pressure on Josh to loan him the plane

— CJ Fogler (@cjzer0) June 13, 2023

In every interview afterward, he mentioned his desire to go home. Eventually, he revealed his horses have a big race coming up and he wants to attend.

“On Sundays, I have my horse racing” ☠️

Even after being crowned champion, The Joker is only worried about one thing 🤣🏇

— NBA TV (@NBATV) June 13, 2023

Sadly for Jokić, he might have to miss the horse race. Last night, he was informed on-air he must stay for the Nuggets’ Championship parade. When he found out, he was deflated as he seriously planned to head to Serbia expeditiously.

Jokic asked if he’s looking forward to a parade
*looks to PR*
“when is parade?”
No… I need to go home”

— CJ Fogler account may or may not be notable (@cjzero) June 13, 2023

All business and no play seems to be the motto for Nikola Jokić and he’s ready for his time off. With a young team, it’s almost certain the Nuggets are primed to have another big year next season.

He a real immigrant. Punch the clock. Complete the mission. Stack the bread. Go back ah yard ASAP.

— nah. 🇻🇨 (@FEELZ_____) June 13, 2023

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