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Emotional Eulogy: DC Young Fly Dotes On Long-Time Love Ms. Jacky Oh During Funeral Tribute

DC Young Fly delivered a heartfelt yet humorous eulogy at Ms. Jacky Oh’s funeral on Saturday in ATL.

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

As previously reported, the Content Creator and former Wild’ N Out model was found deceased on May 31 in her hotel after undergoing a “mummy makeover.”

As the comedian honored the mother of his three children, he spoke of her “beautiful soul.” He emphasized that she was a “super great mother” and encouraged funeral-goers to “find your relationship with God.”

DC Young Fly Turns To God In Heartbreaking Goodbye To Jacky Oh

The 85 South Show host began by referencing Genesis and the consistent trials Joseph faced in the Bible.

“I like that Genesis teach you first about Jospeh before it break off into any other story because if you paying attention Jospeh is getting hit constantly with obstacles. Obstacle, obstacle and obstacle and if you really read deeper and you understand, Joseph ain’t never said, ‘Why me God?’.” He continued, “And if you a firm believer then you know if God got his hands on you then we gone be straight. And that’s one thing that I know if that we gone be straight.”

The actor passionately encouraged others who may be experiencing unexpected tragedy in their lives to push through because their circumstances could always be worse.

“And you know sometimes life hit you with a curveball. That’s for anybody out here going through something man. So! Sooo! You go to stick it through, man.” He added, “No matter what you going through in life because it’s always somebody going through something worser than you and guess what? We hear today but some folks going through… burying three and four folks at the same time.”

DC then shared that he was no stranger to trauma, but since he had never experienced “his rib” passing away before, this pain was new yet manageable.

The singer expressed, “It ain’t hard but it sholl ain’t easy”.

“If I didn’t pray a lot I wouldn’t be able to deal with it.”

He continuously referenced his relationship with God as the driving force to plow through his pain and reassured everyone that he and his children would find peace.

“My kids…we good. ‘Cause like I said we led by the spirit. Not by the flesh. Are we hurt? Yes. We’re human. We got emotions. My children know that God is real.”

“If you don’t take nothing else from today man. I don’t care what you going through in life. Find you a relationship with God.”

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

DC spoke about how attentive Jackie was as a mother and how her “input” in the world should be remembered.

“She had a beautiful soul. She was a great mother. I’m talking ’bout super great mother”, he said repeatedly.

“Jack, you know I love you girl. You know. You know.” He added, “It feels like a dream. And if Joseph didn’t complain, I wont either.”

He ended by thanking everyone who posted or texted him although he didn’t “have the energy to respond” and inserted some of his signature humor.

“These kids are beautiful man. God granted me the strength to have three. You know I was trying to have seven more!”

DC also highlighted how the strength of his children was keeping him strong. Seeing how they managed their mother’s death shifted his spirits.

“My baby Nyla looked at me and said, ‘Daddy, what’s wrong? Don’t worry.’ She don’t even know what’s going on. Nova came in and said daddy I’m happy. The spirit moved in me and said man if my children happy then I’m happy.” He concluded, “And if they can do it, I can do it and if Joseph can do it we can do it.”

Social Media Reacts To DC Young Fly’s “Amazing” Eulogy At Jacky Oh’s Funeral

One user tweeted, “Maaan DC Youngfly speech at his wife Ms. Jacky oh funeral service is amazing!”

Maaan DC Youngfly speech at his wife Ms Jacky oh funeral service is amazing! 🥺🙏🏾❤️

— Shannonnn sharpes Burner (PARODY Account) (@shannonsharpeee) June 10, 2023

Another user added, “There’s Nothing stronger than a man who has to be strong for his kids…”

There’s Nothing stronger than a man who has to be strong for his kids…

— Am I Tha Drama💋 (@NotTheOneOrTwoX) June 10, 2023

Someone else wrote, “i llloooovvveeee how he still has his humor through all of this! omg and he’s so humble and such a man of God ….DC and those babies are gonna be even more blessed.”

i llloooovvveeee how he still has his humor through all of this ! omg and he’s so humble and such a man of God ….DC and those babies are gonna be even more blessed 🙏🏽

— Jae Cooke (@__prettycookie) June 10, 2023

DC shared a video of the funeral, captioning the post, “Sent you off the right way mama 🤎🥹 love u forever 💪🏾💪🏾 the kids gon be str8 and you kno GOD got us”

DC initially remained mum in the days following his partner’s passing but took to Instagram on June 8 to give Jacky Oh public praise in spite of wanting his reality “to be a dream so bad.”

Prayers to DC, his little ones, Jacky Oh’s family and all those who loved her. May she rest in peace.

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