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EXCLUSIVE: Kendra’s Boutique Responds To Claims Of Shoddy Hair, Customer Service | TSR Investigates

Kendra Cooksey of Kendra’s Boutique has built a multi-million-dollar hair empire thanks to loyal celeb customers like Angela White, the City Girls, and Ashanti. Thousands of women have purchased bundles from her boutique.

However, some customers of Kendra’s Boutique are calling her out for balding wigs and damaged bundles.

Kendra Of Kendra’s Boutique Steps Into The Shade Room To Address Claims Of Faulty Products

Now, Kendra is stepping into The Shade Room for an exclusive interview to address those claims.

Latoya Johnson says she paid $458 for hair bundles from Kendra that she can’t even wear straight. She claims they are thinned at the ends and come in differing lengths.

“I have to have it curled in order for it to look like, ‘Oh, she got a nice full weave in her hair.’ If I wear it straight, I’d probably look like a little pelican.”

Johnson says she had to sew in other bundles of old hair into her new sew-in. And to make matters worse, she says Kendra’s customer service team is “horrible,” adding that they refuse to give any refunds.

Customers Post Balding, Thinning Wigs To Social Media, Call Out Company’s Customer Service

Another customer posted her $485 wig to TikTok “after bleaching the knots for eight minutes.” The wig could be seen balding, with clumps of hair being pulled out as she brushed it.

“I felt so helpless, I was literally in tears,” the unnamed woman tells TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter. “As I’m washing it, all this hair is coming off of it. I took a comb to brush it out and see where the hair was coming from, and literally all the hair started falling out.”

She says she called the customer service line and reached a representative named Nicole, who “just started yelling and being super defensive.”

“She’s like, ‘no, we don’t sell faulty units. This is your problem. I don’t know what to tell you.’”

When she told the rep about bleaching the knots of the hair, Nicole reportedly scoffed at the idea: “Who really does that?” she allegedly responded.

However, the company’s website touts “100% human hair that is not processed in any way,” meaning “you can color the hair,” but the website recommends doing it with a professional.


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Kendra’s Boutique Speaks On Accusations Of Shoddy Hair, Customer Service

Tenel Dorsey, the owner of Dreamz Hair Salon, who boasts decades of experience in the hair industry, tells Justin Carter that “these (customers) are not making this up. You gotta rectify that and figure out where the problem is.”

Kendra Cooksey of Kendra’s Boutique sat down with TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter to dispel some of the bad press.

“We highly recommend a professional hair stylist anytime you are bleaching your knots. And we recommend you not to go over a 20 developer, honestly, when doing so…”

When asked about customer service issues, Kendra said she would speak to Nicole, the representative in question.

Additionally, she denied accusations that her bundles are getting lighter in weight.

“Every bundle is weighed 3.2 to 3.5 ounces,” Kendra tells TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter. “Showing the top of the bundle doesn’t matter. Each bundle is going to weigh exactly what is put on the website that it weighs. [There’s] nothing different about the product…”


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Kendra’s Boutique Offers Advice On How To Best Maintain Her Wigs & Hair Weaves

The owner of Kendra’s Boutique went on to thank her customers, even the critical ones, saying:

“We do greatly appreciate the feedback, we’re always looking for ways to improve in any kind of way we can. We’re growing together, and we appreciate them.”

However, she did offer some final instructions that will help maintain the hair:

“Use a lace band at night, always wear a bonnet to bed, wash hair weekly, add moisturizer of choice to hair frequently, and do not brush hair when dry,” Kendra says.

What do you think, Roomies? Are customers simply asking for too much for their money? Or is the product not up to standards?

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