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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Love & Marriage: Detroit’ Stars Russell and Kolby Harris Share Their Thoughts On Controversial 50/50 Bill Split

Get ready for a brand-new addition to the “Love and Marriage” franchise as Detroit takes center stage in the latest captivating chapter of love, family, and community. got the chance to chop it up with stars Russell and Kolby Harris to find out their thoughts about the controversial 50/50 splitting of bills, what fans can expect from them this season, and so much more! Here’s what they told us…

“Love & Marriage: Detroit” is set to redefine the meaning of resilience and determination.

Produced by Carlos King, CEO of Kingdom Reign Entertainment and a native of Detroit, this season will introduce a group of extraordinary Black individuals who call the “Comeback City” their home. Steeped in rich culture and a spirit of revival, Detroit shines as a backdrop for this compelling series, following in the footsteps of the successful “Love & Marriage” installments set in Huntsville and Washington D.C.

“Love & Marriage: Detroit” will take you on a captivating journey through the lives of Russell and Kolby Harris, Brandon and Kristina Bowman Smith, and Anthony and Dr. LaToya Thompson.

YBF correspondent Jada Watts got the chance to enter the intriguing world of Russell and Kolby Harris, a dynamic young couple whose lives are filled with excitement, challenges, and tough decisions. With three years of marriage under their belt and a beautiful two-year-old daughter, they thought they had it all figured out. But when Russell unilaterally decides to pursue divinity school without consulting Kolby, their relationship takes an unexpected turn.

As the daughter of a pastor, Kolby has her reservations about reentering the world of religion as an adult, which only adds fuel to the fire. Meanwhile, Russell is juggling his responsibilities as the head of the household and running his non-profit organization, Soar Detroit, dedicated to empowering the community through literacy and sports.

With juggling so many things in life, how do they handle “the bills?” Couples splitting bills 50/50 has been a controversial topic ever since Gabrielle Union revealed she and her husband, Dwyane Wade, split all of their bills. Mr. and Mrs. Harris crafted a financial strategy that suits their specific needs and circumstances.

“We share a bank account,” Russell said. “Our bills come out of our bank account. There’s really no other way to do it,” he continued.

”For us,” Kolby interjected.

“Ok, for us. Our bills come out of our bank account. We pay for everything out of that account. I will say, it took some time for us to get there. We started off with two different accounts,” Russell shared.

Find out what made them merge their accounts, what fans can expect this season, how they’re handling social media as influencers, and more.

Watch their full interview below:

“Love & Marriage: Detriot” premieres on June 24 at 9pm ET/PT on OWN, right after an exciting new episode of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” at 8pm ET/PT.

Watch the trailer below:

Will you be tuning in?


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