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First-Class F*ck Around & Find Out: Chika Addresses Baby-Bashing Backlash After Rant Calling Zonnique Pullins’ Daughter A ‘Bastard’

Chika became the internet’s main character after a baby-bashing rant online about a crying toddler who belonged to T.I. and Tiny Harris’ daughter Zonnique Pullins.

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On June 1, Chika took to Twitter to vent about babies disturbing her sleep on a flight. It’s an understandable annoyance for the sleep-deprived rapper, but she took it way too far. She thought it was better to blow off steam online rather than blow up in person, but one thing about the comments, they were not on Chika’s side.

Chika Rage-Tweets About A Woman And Two Crying Babies On Her Flight, Calling Them A “Stupid B*tch” And “Screaming Bastard”

In a thread that should’ve stayed in her drafts, Chika cursed out the woman and two children flying with them.

“To the lady next to me who thought it would be a good idea to buy yourself and your twin infants first class seats on a red-eye flight, who just woke me up by bringing your screaming bastard to OUR seats to soothe her, I just bought $34 Wi-Fi at 4 a.m. to call you a stupid b*tch,” she started.

“p.s., I hate you and I hope you get a paper cut between each finger tomorrow, you senseless wench.”

Chika comes under fire for angry Twitter rant about crying child on flight

— HipHopDX (@HipHopDX) June 2, 2023

No one handles crying babies well, especially while short on sleep. The rage-tweeting struck a nerve as she continued hating hard on the family flying together.

Everyone attributes their struggles as an adult to childhood trauma but nobody wants to give grace to children. Fascinating.

— ULOMA (@ulxma) June 3, 2023

She asked if the woman was “developmentally delayed” for thinking a 1-year-old “will shut their b*tch *ss up” on a 7-hour flight leaving at 1 a.m.

“You ALREADY had them up past bedtime. idc the circumstance. Take yo *ss to economy at LEAST. I’m so pissed off right now. I already had trouble falling asleep. And as soon as I do, you bring the consequence of YOUR promiscuity into MY life,” Chika tweeted.

“I got noise cancellation on and I STILL woke up. F*ck you, h*e. Choke,” she continued.

The dragging that followed was swift and nearly unanimous. Even those who extend Chika grace as a Black queer woman struggling with mental health issues called out her wi-fi wilding.

And while we are here…

Black kids experience too much abuse, negligence & mistreatment at the hands of adults for the “F*ck those kids”, jokes.

— Princess (@themultiplemom) June 3, 2023

The next day, the Nigerian-American star deleted her rant, and posted screenshots of a supporter checking the bad behavior. Chika apologized for the offense but doubled down on the way she handled it.

“Posting because I think it’s important & because I understand that people who actually do want to support me were also offended by my inflammatory thread yesterday. I’m sorry cuz it was triggering/infuriating to many. I just don’t like being seen as someone I’m not.” she wrote.

“I wasn’t cruel to anyone, I was mean *about* someone. Stop conflating the two and acting like I caused harm. I can own what I did, I will not own what is projected onto me. I’m sorry.”

yeah, what’s happening is not people holding chika accountable. chika doesn’t seem to have people in her life who do that, hence her doubling down.

however, when you bring disrespect on to public forum you risk the consequence of public disrespect. she’s facing consequences rn.

— 5hahem aka Dr. Durag (@shaTIRED) June 4, 2023

The backtracking was too little, too late, and one of the toddlers’ famous mothers clapped back at Chika online.

Check out Tiny Harris and her daughter Zonnique Pullins reacting to Chika’s angry airplane rant after the flip!

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