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‘Flavor Of Love’ Star Deelishis Responds To Comments About Her Weight Loss (VIDEOS)

‘Flavor of Love’ star Deelishis, whose real name is Chandra Davis, is responding to recent comments about her weight loss.

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Deelishis Responds After A Dance Video Prompts Comments About Her Weight Loss

Earlier this week, Deelishis took to her Instagram to share a video with fans. In the clip, she’s seen rocking a green bralette and gray and black animal-print leggings as she dances to an instrumental of Kehlani’s latest single, ‘After Hours.’

Additionally, the ‘Flavor of Love’ star shared a lengthy caption with her post. More specifically, Deelishis noted that she’s “smaller” now, so her body proportions may look a little different, but “who cares.”

“Good Morning if you’re looking for perfection keep scrolling but if you’re looking for good energy you’re in the right place I swear I was bout to hit this dance so hard lol but my landscaper kept riding by even after I partially closed the garage … lol it was still fun though Yes I’m smaller so yes these boobs look huge… heard ya WHO CARES …” she wrote.

Deelishis’ video prompted Instagram user @queenstace36 to leave a question in the comment section:

“Why u losing so much weight @iamsodeelishis,” they wrote.

In response, Deelishis gave a straightforward answer.

“@queenstace36 I slowed down eating processed food and immediately the weight starting falling off,” she replied.
In a separate comment, Deelishi appeared unbothered and reiterated to fans that she “just be having fun.”
Swipe below to see the ‘Flavor of Love’ star’s dance video and comments.

The ‘Flavor Of Love’ Star Goes More In-Depth With Fans

A few hours after Deelishis posted her dance video, she returned to the platform to hop on Instagram Live with fans. During her stream, the ‘Flavor of Love’ star explained her weight loss journey and other aspects of her personal life in-depth.

At the beginning of the stream, the reality star addressed those asking “why she’s so little.”

“I’m not sick, I just stopped eating processed foods… I’m on my health kick — I always do this around the summer because… I’m naturally really, really thick, and the older I get, the harder it is for me to lose the weight. So now I go hard, hard,” she explained. “And then, my family, naturally, they got big butts, big hips, big thighs, but naturally, it drops as they get older… but I don’t want my butt to drop, so I work out a lot, so now that butt is sitting…”

Deelishis went on to explain that her workouts have been “building her backside” and “shrinking her waist.”

“I’ve never had a problem losing weight or whatever. Now, it’s just more so about keeping it toned and staying healthy,” she said.

From there, Deelishis doubled back to the topic of her “looking so thin.”

“And as far as me looking so thin since I stopped eating processed foods — I didn’t know how bad that was… but as soon as I slowed down on the processed foods, my weight just started dropping. Like some of the food that they sell for us in the store is really, really bad for us,” she said.

Before concluding on the topic, the ‘Flavor of Love’ star said that she’s seen everyone’s comments, but she believes that “life comes with a lot of things we don’t have any control over,” and she “has way more love than she’s ever had hate.”

Check out her stream below.

Social Media Continues To Weigh In

Social media users shared their reactions to Deelishis’ recent post and overall weight loss in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @aprnbeauty wrote,She had one of the baddest natural bodies I ever saw on flava of love!”
While Instagram user @sashasleigh added, …literally looks nothing like how she did on Flavor of Love & she was beautiful af on there with a nice shape”
Instagram user @mitch_hennesey wrote, Her body was perfect on flavor of love…”
While Instagram user @young_rida added,Todays Deelishis looks totally different from Flava of Love Deelishis…. just saying ”
Instagram user @4hunnid.moe_ wrote, We want Flavor of Luv Deelishis back ”
While Instagram user @mariah.h._ added, She should start eating processed again ”

Instagram user @king_mattress wrote, Flav really had her ”

As many fans remember, Deelishis was the season 2 winner of ‘Flavor of Love,’ a reality dating contest show that aired in the late 2000s, per Screen Rant. The show came to its end in 2008 after three seasons, per IMDb. However, an exciting update was shared about the series in April.

As The Shade Room previously reported, ‘Flavor of Love’ is reportedly being rebooted. However, the major update is that the once-bachelor of the show, Flavor Flav, will now be taking on a different role.

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