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Florida Crazies: Osceola Deputy Sets Gas-Pumping Motorcyclist On Fire With Taser, Man Files $7 Million Lawsuit


Source: Helder Faria / Getty

Florida, the place that all things insane, unbelievable, and out of pocket go to happen.

According to an Orlando Sentinel report, a 26-year-old motorcyclist named Jean Barretto Baerga have filed a $7 million lawsuit after he was set ablaze by a Osceola County Sheriff’s deputy named David Crawford. Deputy Crawford was chasing Baerga after he fled a police stop for allegedly riding recklessly. Eventually, the deputies in pursuit caught up with Baerga at a gas station where all hell broke loose. Literally.

After tackling Baerga unannounced while he was at gas pump, Crawford pulled out his stun and discharged it on. The spark set off huge fire that instantly engulfed the gasoline-soaked rider. The entire incident was captured on body camera video.

As a result of his injuries, Baerga racked up $7 million worth of hospital bills and he has no plans to pay a single red cent of it out of his own pocket.

Yesterday, Crawford was charged with culpable negligence for discharging his taser so close to gas pump and causing Baerga’s injuries. Those charges were publicly announced by Sheriff Marcos López who said that deputies believed that the motorist match the description of a man who reportedly waved a gun at another driver. No weapon was found when Baerga was set on fire.

This guy should definitely their pockets.

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