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For Your Viewing Pleasure: Meet Jimmy Butler’s Butler In His Latest Commercial For Hulu + Live TV

Source: Hulu / Hulu

Hulu introduces us to Jimmy Butler’s butler in the latest ad for Hulu + Live Sports, who may look familiar.

Streaming Platform Hulu is still disgusted you haven’t signed up and taken advantage of their streaming library and live sports. For their latest advertisement, they enlisted the help of Jimmy Butler to help get the word out.

According to a press release, not only is Jimmy Butler helping but he’s bringing his butler for backup. Why you ask? Because everyone knows Jimmy Butler.. but do you know Jimmy Butler’s butler? His butler is a familiar face some may recognize, the icon Joseph Marcell.

“I had a lot of fun being a part of this Hulu + Live TV campaign and am excited for everyone to see it as we head into the end of the season,” said Butler. “And to be able to work with the iconic Joseph Marcell was a great experience – a new dynamic duo!”

“What a blast! Working with the fantastic team on the Hulu + Live TV campaign AND hanging with the sporting Superstar, Mr. JB. How can work be this much fun. We look goooood, right!?!!” added Marcell.

Marcell and Jimmy will break down all the reasons you should cut the cord and take part in the extensive library and live TV. If that isn’t enough to convince you we don’t know what else it will take. This is one of the freshest campaigns we’ve seen thus far in the streaming area.

The NBA playoffs are right around the corner and they would hate for you to miss any of the action. Plus think of all the extra shows you can stream.

For now, you can watch the Hulu AD below and it will roll out to broadcast television in April.

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