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Ghost & Tommy BYKE (Well, Kinda): Twitter Explodes Over ’Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 3 Finale

Ghost & Tommy BYKE (well, kinda)

And in that moment, ’Riq knew he f***ed up. Y’all see the #PowerGhost finale yet?

— Power Book II: Ghost (@ghoststarz) May 26, 2023

After three seasons of not-very-subtle foreshadowing, Tariq and Brayden officially entered their Ghost and Tommy era with guns blazing in one of the best scenes of the entire Power Book franchise.

Riq and brayden in that last scene #PowerBookIIGhost #PowerBook2 #power #PowerGhost

— moneymekka (@peter_opulent) May 26, 2023

With the Tejadas and Effie slithering to Noma’s side, Tariq was seconds away from joining Ghost in Hell until Brayden came through in the clutch and saved him while also starting a war that we’re sure will get messy in Season 4.

Brayden telling his kids how he saved Tariq from Noma and the Tejadas #PowerGhost #PowerBookII #PowerBook2 #Tariq #Brayden #Cane #Diana #Drew

— David (@KingDaviduzo7) May 26, 2023

At this point, it’s impossible to predict what happens in this endlessly entertaining series that leveled-up, once again, when Tasha and Tommy returned and squashed their nearly deadly beef in a touching scene.

The scene between Tasha and Tommy had me in my feels 🥺 #PowerGhost #PowerBookII

— Lana Archer (@gabbidee_) May 27, 2023

How this impacts Tariq and Brayden’s impending war remains to be seen but we expect Tasha lighting up Monet to create some of the biggest twists and turns in Power history.

Without any remaining alliances, what will Queen Tejada do when she finds out her kids set her up? What could possibly be her next play without a connect or muscle and Cane presumably fighting for his life? Hmmm.

Tasha lights up Monet, but based on what that doctor said, I think she survives. #PowerGhost#PowerBookII#PowerBook2

— Zande 🇨🇩 (@KongoZande) May 26, 2023

There’s also the aftermath of Jenny Sullivan getting burned by Lauren, Congressman Tate winning the election with Tariq knowing about his dirt, the Weston’s getting threatened by Monet and Cane, Lauren failing to actually destroy the incriminating phone, Obi’s secret alliance with Tariq, Tariq owing RSJ money, Tasha becoming a target after spraying Monet, and the looming question about Effie’s true identity.

Damn, that finale of #PowerBookGhost was so dope.. much appreciation to Obi.. and man, Tariq and Brayden really the new Ghost and Tommy lol.. love the parallels and dynamic.. ready for War?? Can’t wait till S4.. #PowerBookIIGhost

— John Acevedo🤟🏻🤟🏻 (@johnnyjohnjon83) May 26, 2023

What was your fave moment of the finale? Are you here for Tariq and Brayden’s Ghost and Tommy era? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and pettiest) tweets from the Season 3 finale on the flip.

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